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Club FactsEdit

  • Hometown Waltherville (Capitol City of Lutherville)
  • Stadium The Duck Pond
  • Fanclub The Disciples (President: Luther Williams)
  • Manager DinendelDucky
  • League Liga Mundo


1984 Duckies FC began as an all star squad of domestic players. Under the direction of manager DinendelDucky, the squad began to grow cohesive and decided to try their luck in Liga Mundo.

The Duckies were introduced into the league for Season 3 and were placed in the second division (or Serie Segunda). After a slow start to the season, the club decided to make a controversial move. Manager DinendelDucky decided to bring in some foreign players to supplement the previously completely national squad. The move improved play almost instantly as the squad moved up in the rankings eventually finishing third, one spot from promotion.

The team carried its momentum through the break and went through half of season 4 without a defeat, while making a run in the cup to the quarterfinals. The team's elimination from the cup and first loss in league play came at hands of SiPS, fueling their most heated rivalry. In the end the Duckies did come out on top in the table with 26 points, two ahead of their rivals, who also secured promotion.

Season 5 started off with a bang. The team began the season against two of the most challenging squads historically with draws. They then went on to win 3 in a row to put themselves at the top of the table. The team's form fell from there, but thanks to the great start they were never really in relegation danger. The team also took part in the Gloria de Verano Cup where they performed at a subpar level, loosing their only two matches. Season 4 star Rashmati failed to impress the new league though he continued to improve and help his squad.

Season 6 is currently underway and the once insignificant Duckies now find themselves battling with the big boys. They continue to nip at the heals of the table leader and had a very respectable showing in the Copa Legada before bowing out to the mighty VolNation Volunteers.


Season 3Edit

2008-07-08Redemptio Reds2-1
Serie Segunda- 3rd Place (6-3-5) 21pts
2008-07-29@Spartak MK3-1
2008-08-05Swamplandia Sinners1-4
2008-08-19@Gumbo Gods3-1
2008-08-26Voobaha National2-1
2008-09-02Redemptio Reds0-1
2008-09-09@FC Stalybridge1-5
2008-09-16FC Stalybridge3-1
2008-09-23@Redemptio Reds2-2
2008-09-30@Voobaha National0-2
2008-10-07Gumbo Gods5-0
2008-10-21@Swamplandia Sinners5-2
2008-10-28Spartak MK4-4
El Legado Cup- Out in Rd of 16
2008-08-02@Rivendell FC0-2
2008-08-09Rivendell FC1-2
2008-08-16Atlético Luz Del Mar1-1
2008-08-23@Atlético Luz Del Mar2-0

Season 4Edit

2009-02-16Swamplandia Sinners2-2

Serie Segunda- 1st Place (8-2-2) 26 pts
2008-11-14FC Stalybridge2-2
2008-11-21@Spartak MK2-2
2008-11-28Voobaha National3-0
2008-12-12Liverpool FC3-1
2008-12-19@Hotspot Hotshots1-4
2009-01-09Hotspot Hotshots2-0
2009-01-16@Liverpool FC1-4
2009-01-30@Voobaha National3-2
2009-02-06Spartak MK3-1
2009-02-13@FC Stalybridge0-3
Invierno Clásico Cup- Out in Quarterfinals
2008-11-10@Voobaha National2-2
2008-11-17Voobaha National3-2
2008-11-24Redemptio Reds2-0
2008-12-01@Redemptio Reds0-1

Player StatsEdit

Top Scorers
Shorash Rashmati8
Fredrick Pitt6
Kenny Mahony5
Assist Leaders
Shorash Rashmati7
Casper Stille6
Hans-Arne Askehave4
Cristóvão Boto4
Fredrick Pitt4
Expert 11 Elections
PlayerTeams MadeCaptain
Shorash Rashmati92
Hans-Arne Askehave80
Cristóvão Boto50

Season 5Edit

Serie Primera- 5th Place (4-4-6) 16 pts
2009-03-09@ Arcadia FC0-0
2009-03-16@ VolNation Volunteers3-3
2009-03-23Atlético Luz Del Mar4-3
2009-03-30@ SiPS1-3
2009-04-06@ Swamplandia Sinners1-2
2009-04-13Estrella Roja0-2
2009-04-20Transvaal Springboks1-1
2009-04-27@ Transvaal Springboks2-0
2009-05-04@ Estrella Roja1-1
2009-05-11Swamplandia Sinners2-3
2009-05-25@ Atlético Luz Del Mar5-1
2009-06-01VolNation Volunteers0-3
2009-06-08Arcadia FC0-2
Gloria de Verano Cup- Out in 2nd Round
2009-03-20@FC Franzharia3-2
2009-03-27FC Franzharia1-4

Season 6Edit

Serie Primera-

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