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On October 29, 2007 a banned player going by the names Error404 and PANCAKES impersonated the GOONS leader 404Error. Having hacked the real 404Error, as acknowledged by 404Error, he managed to get access to GOONS's offsite forums and private, password-protected IRC channel where he convinced a handful of nations to attack GPA, as well as directing a nation-less member, Artemicion, to post a DoW on GPA on the CN forums. The DoW was quickly deleted by forum mod Vivi on the grounds of being a joke thread, and Artemicion was warned. Artemicion then posted screenshots showing one GOONS nation attacking one GPA nation; this thread was locked by SwordofEstel, who then banned Artemicion for "no in-game nation match". The rapid deletion of the DoW and lock of the screenshots thread led to most in the Cyberverse, including GPA government, unaware that the incident had even happened. On November 4 the real 404Error came back online and retook the name, using the ghost command on IRC and posting a resignation letter on the GOONS offsite forum. The real 404Error stopped the incident from escalating further in a limited sense, but did not immediately declare peace with GPA

Speculation mounted that the incident might escalate and, for the first time in Cybernations history, engulf GPA into an alliance war; however, only 3 nations ever declared before the incident was diffused, and no doubt GOONS was not in a position to actually draw GPA into a war.

The fake 404error also attempted to join the Messengers of Orcus, a small alliance founded by former \m/ members. In accordance with the MoO-NpO Protectorate Pact, the fake 404error was denied. A banned \m/ member, flipwich, was root admin of the MoO forums and brought them offline, with the forum title changed to a hateful and derogatory statement related to the incident that eventually ended the Unjust War.

Sources: PANCAKES, 404Error #CNGoons IRC Logs

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