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AOPN Allaince Of Powerful Nations

Headline text Edit


It is a small allaince created by Flamezin


No history yet, It's brand new! Nations MageMercinarys Advent Rander Flamezin

Vow: These nations vow to become strong at any cost and battle evils!

Beliefs: Good ethical treatment A strong Military Nuclear Weapons for protection Medium Taxes

Leader Flamezin Vice-Leaders Advent Rander MageMercinarys other countries to come when AOPN becomes known which they will by battking tyranny

More is yet to come as this allaince grows, but right now the battles BATTLES Flamezin is the only fighter so far and has fought King Hassan ruthlessly, is in a struggle for peace with Funka, and is battling Oppressed because he wants to help out GATO!

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