Capital Crystal Death
Formation  ??/??/????
Alliance Affiliation System 37
Nation Team Purple
Official Languages French
Government Revolutionary
Head of State Saint Marcelle
Religion Roman Catholic
Currency Franc
Motto "Mad PLUR'z in da' hauz!"

aStRaLaSiA was formed out of the bordom of its creator. The people are known to consume unhealthy amounts of "mad kewl drugz" and enjoy the art of "keepin it realz". The people our proud of their French Culture and spend most of their time looking down on everyone else. Most citizens do not have jobs, instead preferring to party in clubs and committ various crimes. Despite this, Astralasia is a powerful nation and The Jewel of the System 37 alliance. All this is possible by the divine guidance of their Creator, Saint Marcelle.

Nation InformationEdit

Constantly Changing. No Permanent Information Available

Stub This nation page contains only basic information. Please improve it by adding information such as history or other role-play details.

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