Parliament House

The Parliament House of Masoa, located in the heart of Aberfeldie. Both the upper and lower houses are held here. This is also where the ISCO Charter was first signed.

Aberfeldie is the capital city of Masoa. It was built from the ground up in 1972, to end the rivalry between Port Masoa, the former capital, and Masoa City, Masoa's two largest cities. The Masoan Capital Territory was created to house Aberfeldie, which is now known as the state of Melbourne. Aberfeldie is a small city with a population of only a few tens of thousands. The city is a cultural powerhouse with innumerable galleries and museums, but in the very heart of the city is the ultra-modern Parliament House, which is on the $10 note. Aberfeldie is notable for being the only city in Melbourne, though there are a number of towns. Despite being the capital, Aberfeldie has the lowest population of any major Masoan city, with only a few small suburbs.

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