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In the beginning there was the Great God Admin. And he had 6 children to be his joys. In his eternal wisdom he created for them a world and named it Cyber Nations. There they might explore and take their petty problems to not bother their great father.

His Firstborn Depraved, created for himself the Race called Brown team, and upon them he bestowed the gifts Honor, Unity, Wisdom and the weakness Aloofness

His Second Born Ivan Moldavi, created for himself the Race called Red team and bestowed upon them the gifts of unbreakable loyalty, unflappable pride, and invincible strength, and the weakness of an insatiable lust for war and conquest.

His third born Pope Hope, created for herself the Race called Orange team, and upon them she bestowed the gifts Valor, Perseverance, Idealism and the weakness Stubbornness, Headstrong, Rigid in their Ways.

His Fourth Child Mariemaia Michalka, created for herself the Race called Green team, and She hath bestowed the Green Race the gifts of Education, Passion and Athletics, and the weaknesses of skepticism and procrastination.

His Fifth Child HolyOne, created for himself the Race called Blue team, and upon them he bestowed the gifts of perseverance and rapid growth and the weakness of overreacting and poor forethought.

His Sixth Child Great Britain, created for himself the Race called purple team, and upon them he bestowed the gifts of Rationality and Patience, and the weaknesses of Apathy and Arrogance.

The Children of Moddom Edit

As time continued and his children began to fight, the Great Admin brought into being the Children of Moddom. These he charged to keep the Peace amongst his children.

Seeing they were not all doing their duty, the words of some being stricken from the Great Record unfairly, the Great Admin created a new Great Record and smote the guilty, bringing forth new ones to protect all his Children.

The Children of GuidanceEdit

First amongst these was Moderation the Wise. He kept the Children of the Gods from cheating and thereby gaining the upper hand over their cousins.

Second to spring forth was Moderator the Just. He kept his all seeing eye upon the Children of the Gods that they did not fall into despair.

Then there was the Lady Destra the Gentle. She came forth and showed the Children of the Gods when they pushed beyond their limits and created the Great Rules..

Next came CN Moderator the Playful. He taught the Children how to play fair with each other creating Guidelines that all might play fairly.

Last came Rysonia the Questioner. Quick to seek knowledge she shared amongst the Children of the Gods all that she did learn, creating for them the almighty FAQ amongst other gifts.

Books of the Firstborn Edit


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