Aido Toth, ?-2007, was the Dictator of Adaland before his overthrow by Coalition of the Willing forces.

Early LifeEdit

Intelligence sources state that not much is known about the early life of Aido Toth. His family is not known, neither is where he was was born known. Reasons for him covering up his family history remain unknown, although many sources state it was a well thought out plan during his rise to power.

Taking of PowerEdit

Aido Toth was elected to the post of President of Adaland, promising sweeping reforms against corruption and a better future for his people. Intrestingly foreign observers have stated how similar Aido Toth is to Adolf Hitler, through his political abilities to charisma. Some have stated this is the reason for there being no record of his family, a link back to the Hitler family is widely suspected.

Consildation of PowerEdit

Aido Toth had laws passed by his majority Senate that allowed him to rule by decree. In the coming months his political opponents were ruthlessly hunted down and murdered. Miniority groups were put in Labour camps and worked or killed. During the next few months Adaland was forming the UCN alliance, when Aido Toth discovered a far grander UCN alliance, he decided to join. Like all Dictators his plan was for total power. Following the appointment of Adaland to the UCN Security Council, Aido Toth passed the orders for a coup to start. The other alliance members had become suspicious and foiled the coup. Aido Toth was not pleased and ordered military strikes on the UCN with the help of fellow dictators. As a final act of his revenge he made up claims the UCN leaders were multis, and succeeded in getting them banned.

Fall From PowerEdit

Unbeknownst to Aido Toth the nations he had betrayed had reformed and had plans for revenge. On February 5 2007 Adaland and Aido Toth woke to the sound of bombs. Hours later the capital Humere and Aido Toths palace laid in coalition hands. Aido Toth suprised and cut off hid in the countryside of his nation. Six days later a routine Grand Army of the Republic patrol discovered a fox hole with Aido Toth cowering in it. He was placed under arrest and sent to Bowdaslavia from where he was to be held for before trial.

Trial and ExecutionEdit


The trial of Aido Toth

Following his capture, Aido Toth was put on trial for crimes against humanity, breaking the peace and instigating terrorist attacks against the former UCN alliance members. After a lengthy trial lasting 3 months, the death penalty was passed and he was executed by firing squad at dawn.

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