Alex Miller

In office
January 21, 1998 – January 1, 2003
Preceded by Ben Richards
Succeeded by Adrik Annan

In office
May 9, 1987 – January 21, 1998
President Jack Bosco
Ben Richards
Preceded by Jack Bauer
Succeeded by Roger Ahmadinejad

Born April 20, 1956(1956-04-20)
South Colin, J Andres
Died November 5, 2048(2048-11-05) (aged 92)
Philadelphia, NAC
Political party Anchor Party of J Andres
Spouse Alyssa Miller
Profession Military general
Religion Judaism

Early LifeEdit

Alex Miller was born on April 20, 1956 in the city of South Colin, a small city in the former State of New York. Alex Miller joined the ROTC program and signed up with the United States Army. After the United States dissolved, he was the commanding officer in the Greater Colin Area Militia, until his town was absorbed into J Andres. At this time, Miller was given the rank of Lieutenant and given command of small groups of soldiers.


In 1984, when J Andres appeared interested in beginning an overseas colony, JAD Land, Alex Miller signed up to head the military. He was the top ranked military official in the colony and was pleased with his post of power. Miller focused on protecting the colony, which he did well for the first two and a half years. In final six months, the Atlantic Sentinels came under attack from COIN nations and launched a counter attack. Lt. Miller's March as it came to be known has been one of the most successful military conflicts in J Andres history. Miller ran the country in war for several months and only near the end of the major war did JAD Land see a glimpse of anarchy.


After the Atlantic-COIN war, and the end of the formal establishment of JAD Land, Miller was recalled to J Andres to serve as Minister of War and Defense and was the only non-Communist party member of the cabinet at the time.

As Minister of War and Defense, Alex Miller has seen the nation construct its first nuclear weapon and has worked on organizing the military into a fine tuned machine. The military strength of the nation increased tremendously under the command of Minister Miller. In 1992, Minister Miller, also allocated the money for the construction of more nuclear weapons.


Alex Miller was elected President during the 1998 elections.[1] This was a surprise as he was running against Foreign Affairs Minister Adrik Annan who was expected to win in a landslide victory. However Alex Miller's war experience proved valuable, especially in a confusing time with the NADC being at war, and the people chose him on election day. Alex Miller's Presidency was mostly uneventful with barely any major occurances. Miller mostly kept to himself and let the Commune take care of things.


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