"So you want to know about the Alliance of Shadows? The first rule is that you don't talk about the Alliance of Shadows, the second rule is classified..."

- Anonymous

What is Known of the Alliance of Shadows Edit

This information was gathered from multiple sources. Some was released by the AoS spokesman Charlton Eastwood leader of the Nation of Worth. Eastwood has not been proven to be a member of the Alliance, a sympathetic ally, or an oppressed victim forced to do their bidding. Attempts by other nations to infiltrate the AoS have been met with failure. All attempts at espionage have been met with failure save for one instance. The only information that was gathered was that there IS an Alliance of Shadows and the member nations are distributed throughout many other alliances. There have been several accusations among the other alliances as to who may be covert members but whether those were provoked by members to cause chaos or just paranoia has yet to be seen.

This information all became public in late Q1 2006

Press Releases from the Alliance of Shadows Edit

"Official Statement on the Alliance of Shadows" "There is no Alliance of Shadows, it is all a ruse. I suggest you not concern yourselves. Obviously someone though it would be funny to release this information to the public. Some conspiracy theorist or practical joker I imagine. Needless to say, I am not the spokesman of any such group nor have I ever heard of them. Would a real covert alliance have such a silly name? I ask you! Now lets put this all behind us and move forward please."

-AoS spokesman Charlton Eastwood leader of the Nation of Worth May 24, 2006

"We believe our nation was choosen at random by some joker to be the representitive of a non-existant alliance. Or maybe it is a real alliance, we don't really know. One of our representitives found that we had been listed as such in what we believe you call a "wiki."

We just wanted to reaffirm that Worth is a peacful nation with no formal ties to any alliance or team."

-AoS spokesman Charlton Eastwood leader of the Nation of Worth May 25, 2006

History of the Alliance of Shadows Edit


Positions of the Alliance of Shadows Edit

Nothing is known about the positions or organization of the AoS

Voting RightsEdit


War & Nuclear WeaponsEdit


Security & Foreign AidEdit


Application & MembershipEdit


Elections & OfficialsEdit


Divisions of the Alliance of Shadows Edit

HoS and MinistriesEdit


Dept of DefenseEdit


Dept of Foreign AffairsEdit


Bounty List
Edited for public release

Spontaneous Attackers as of 08/01/2006 
2932.393 Chronictopia (GATO)
2428.740 Scythia (Brown)(GATO) 
1816.101 Lozalyon (Black)(LOSS)
1651.074 Flashpland (NAAC)
1332.809 Zohand (GATO)
1016.599 Shienar (Green)
1004.454 Killdonian (Blue)
.855.586 Dota World (Orange)(LOSS?)
.769.349 Drakensberg (Blue)(TEDO)

Reactive Attackers as of 08/01/2006 
2519.395 Abzahlung (GATO)
1643.473 Carthage Empire (GATO)
.999.826 Blue Star Empire (GATO)
.333.137 Magna (Red)

Rules for Bounty Awards: Bounties are awarded
for reducing the strength of the nations posted. 
For every point of nation strength removed from a
nation on the Spontaneous Attacker list during
the course of a war, $3 is awarded. For every point 
of nation strength damage caused to a nation
on the Reactive Attacker list, $1 is awarded. Damage
is measured from the day before the war is declared
to the day after war expires or peace is declared.
All monetary awards are doubled for actual members
of the Alliance of Shadows. No additional
compensation is offered for damages bounty hunters
experience during the course of war. It is suggested
that you obtain compensation for war damages
from the target of the bounty (if you are able). If
multiple nations declare war on the same target, the
bounty will be split amongst them. To collect, send a
message to our public blind drop, er, Spokesman,
Charlton Eastwood.

If you feel you have been erroneously listed, please
contact our bli-, er, Spokesman. The odds of an error
of that sort by the Intelligence Department are very
very slim, but we're willing to listen before telling
you that you attacked another country without
provocation (Spontaneous Attackers). Or that you
joined a war to support a Spontaneous Attacker in a
fit of craven cowardice or lack of moral fiber (Reactive Attacker).

If you feel that a nation which we do not list for 
bounty should be added, and you are a member or
*trusted* trade partner of a member of the Alliance
of Shadows, you already know who to contact. 

Results of previous bounties:
Since the Bounty Board began, one country on the list
has resigned from the game. A second country ran
afoul of another alliance and has not logged in for
several days after being reduced more than 900 points
in nation strength. A third country has completed
partial, but not complete, war reparations and
remains on the list. A fourth country has been
notified that they have just been placed on the
bounty list. No response has yet occurred, but
fighting appears to have paused in the war that
country has recently initiated.

Dept of Domestic AffairsEdit


High CourtEdit


Order of SuccessionEdit


Current Official Cabinet Edit

Charlton Eastwood of Worth - Spokesman

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