Anchor Party
of J Andres
FoundedApril 1983
DissolvedNovember 2100
Fiscal positionRight
Social positionCenter-right
Party FounderBen Richards
Official colors      Gold

The Anchor Party is a former political party of J Andres. It was one of the original political parties and was founded shortly after the Nationalist Party. The Anchor Party supported ideas such as economic growth and domestic strength.


Pre-Richards EraEdit

The Party was formed in 1983 after the Commune switched to a democratic society. They tried to elect Colonel Ben Richards to the Head of State, but were unsuccessful. The Anchor Party cemented themselves as a major party with their many victories in the Commune, making them the minority party by only a few seats. The Anchor Party could still make some of its goals a reality thanks to the help of a few independents.

In 1984, The Anchor Party decided to move away from their previous militaristic image. Instead of nominating Ben Richards again, they chose Donald Gates, an executive from JTech. Donald Gates would be a good leader for the economy, as he wasn't associated with the military and knew everything about finances. He lost the election 55%-45%. Neither Party gained or lost any seats in the Commune.

The Richards EraEdit

After the installation of Ben Richards to the Presidency, the Anchor Party finally had its chance to dominate, but instead became increasingly similar to the Nationalist Party. The Party thrived as the majority party for the ten year time period that Ben Richards was president.

Post-Richards EraEdit

After Ben Richards announced that he would not seek re-election in 1998, the party chose Alex Miller, the Minister of War and Defense to run for office. General Miller had experience in JAD Land where he led numerous successful offensives and had served as Minister of War and Defense of J Andres for nearly 10 years. The Anchor Party chose to return to a strong military leader as a source of strength.


After the incorporation of Vinsalia into J Andres, the Anchor party began to decline. While the Anchor party had lead the Commune and the Presidency, for nearly two decades before the incorporation, many factors played into the decline. The Libertarian party had many similar beliefs, but was not burdened by the Grand Mexican War in the same way the Anchor party had been. Additionally, the meteoric rise of the Labor party further diluted support for the Anchor party.