Nation ID286914
CapitalMinas Celesire
FoundedJanuary 27, 2006
AllianceOrange Defense Network (ODN)
ResourcesIron and Pigs

Hidden deep in the mountains of New Zealand's southern island, upon the banks of Lake Wakatipu, is the City of the Flowing River, Minas Celesire. The grand city is as old as Anduhwesta itself. Anduhwestan historians have dated human remains in the city catacombs to as far back as January 27, 2006. All Anduhwestans are proud to call their nation a member of the Orange Defense Network.

History Edit

Anduhwesta first emerged in the histories of Planet Bob around January 27, 2006. During these first turbulent years Anduhwesta was a loyal ally of the nations of Rohan and Nickdonia. To this day Anduhwesta has an free trade policy with ithilien and Nick the Vegetarian, and would sacrifice itself to aid these great allies.

Ancient documents discovered in abandoned, mountain monasteries have given Anduhwestan's a reliable glimpse into the early years of the country. These records begin with the Anduhwesta-Quy War. Prior to this event, ancient Anduhwesta was a very warlike country. Presumably it was often victorious, until its armies met Quy on the battlefield. As you may have assumed, Anduhwesta's pride suffered, as she was defeated soundly by Quy.

This set back, however, didn't stop Anduhwesta's growth. After the conflict ended, Anduhwesta became even internationalist than ever. On February 28, 2006, Anduhwesta officially joined the Orange Defense Network. Immediately Anduhwesta became involved in the politics of the alliance.

To this day Anduhwesta continues to grow in strength and wisdom. Recently it became a member of the ODN Merit Committee.

Economy Edit

Anduhwesta has a strong and bustling economy. Its fleet of trading vessels can be seen in almost every major harbor in the Cyberverse. Currently Anduhwesta has a free trade agreement with Rohan and Nickdonia; it also has trade agreements with Dreamkil, Lawton Union, Spottycat, and Russian Royals.

Culture Edit

Most of the Anduhwestan population resides in the mountainous southern regions of New Zealand. Despite the hardships created by this rough environment, most citizens have a carefree and internationalist outlook on world politics.

Thanks to the local geography, you may often find them spending a weekend in a country cottage or at a ski resort.

For hundreds of years Anduhwestan wine makers have viciously guarded their secrets from one another. This healthy competition between the farmers has gifted Anduhwesta, with what some call, the greatest wine in the world. Vineyards can be seen in almost every mountain valley.

Anduhwesta entry will be completed at a later date.

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