LUEnited Nations flag as created by Anomaly

Anomaly is the leader of the Pub Republic, and was once one of the three co-leaders of the LUEnited Nations alliance.

Joining LUE Edit

On the 18th of March, Anomaly began his journey to Cybernations, quickly becoming a part of the LUEnited Nations alliance as one of the many to come from the original LUE forums. He quickly gained support in the alliance through the creation of the flag, which was quickly accepted and adapted by many members as an avatar on the Cybernations forums. In another quick show of determination, Anomaly also created the first combo news sticky of the alliance, showing many of the things that happened from the beggining of the alliance to the elections. As a result of these support-winning moves, Anomaly beat Yaridovich in the initial elections of LUE as Minister of Defense.

Minister to Co-leader Edit

During the following months, Anomaly aided the growth of the alliance, creating a large war guide for nations and aiding them in early conflicts with other nations. Since the growth out of the lower stages of Cybernations rankings was quick, war slowed, making opportunities for expansion. To better relations, he created an IRC channel on, and has since been using that channel for relations and conversation.

By the time of the second elections, Anomaly had enough support to win through a landslide as Minister of Defense a second term, whilst Good King Chinaman left the alliance temporarily. Yaridovich and bros took co-leader, however, bros was quickly replaced by Jefficus in co-leader position. Anomaly took over most of the forum maintanence and such, being the only remaining administrator on the forums. He quickly gave Yaridovich and Jefficus administrative rights over the forums, along with several other ministers, but remained the one to accept new entries to the alliance. During this time, he had made several public statements, or created them for other government officials in diplomatic affairs outside and inside of LUE. Over the course of this term, Anomaly also handed over the news board to the newly elected Ministers of Internal Affairs.

The third elections came a month afterwards. Tiring of the war department, Anomaly did not run for Minister of Defense that term, instead going solely for the co-leader position. The vote ended in a tie between Anomaly and Yaridovich, who then decided to share the position in government.

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