Anti-Stupidity War
Date: September 12-
Locations: Sicily Italy, Georgia US
Penguins di SKa, Chafael vs. Nazi Land
Dude McFarllen and Andrew

vs. Nazi Revolution

18 for Penguins 30 for Nazis

This war was started by Penguins di SKa against Nazi Land due to the fact that the leader of the penguins hate racism, and more specifically Nazism. So through the believe that Nazis should not be here the Penguins went against the Nazis. Chafael joined the war halfway through in the same idea that Nazis suck.

Beginning of the warEdit

The Lame battleEdit

The first battle the Penguins took the offense on the Nazis on their home turf. After the battle no land was gained or lost, no money was gained or lost, no technology was gained or lost. Therefore it is referred to as the lame battle. The two sides did receive some casualties but not a lot- therefore backing up the point that it was lame.

The Battle of the BingeEdit

The Nazis then took the offensive against the Penguins on their island on Sicily. The Penguins defended their homeland, giving mass casualties on the Nazis side. The Penguins stole 2 cents from the Nazis in the process of the battle. Overall, the Nazis Offensive force was put to a halt.

Penguins final AssaultEdit

Penguins then took up a massive force in finally attacking the Nazi homeland of Georgia. The Penguins outnumbered the Nazis 3 to one and the casualty rates showed it. The penguins only receiving 2 casualties and the Nazis having their army reduced to 4 soldiers. The Penguins fought not only in great numbers but with great morale as they also managed to steal another 2 cents from the Nazis

The War CurrentlyEdit

The Penguins, having completely destroyed the Nazis are offering peace, as they are no longer a threat and in total anarchy. Chafael is watching over this nation as Conthoria plans to make a coalition wiping out Nazism.

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