==ARCA - Anti Racist Coalition Alliance== (Currently Disbanded but still lurks)

ARC is already well established on Nations States but now also up and coming as a coalition and Alliance (ARCA) on CN.

If your interested in joining ARC or ARCA, the CN based Alliance section of ARC please PM me with the following information: -

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Link to Nation:

Alliance past and present (if any):

Please Note: you can join ARC whether your in an Alliance or not, but ARCA follows the usual rules of an alliance, i.e. you must not belong to any other alliance

The Anti Racist Coalition Alliance CharterEdit

ARCA exists to co-ordinate debates, and war if necessary, with racist nations on CN. We aim to debate racism before we judge whether war will be declared. ARCA will not stand for racism of any kind and will help any nation or alliance who wishes to counter act the growing number of racist nations in the cyberverse.

I. Admission Admission set up is currently done by sending a PM to Master Hoyle detailing the following information: -

1. Nation Ruler
2. Nation Name
3. Alliances past and present
4. Link to nation
5. Pledge your allegiance to ARC

You must join ARC to be a member of ARCA, but members are not obliged to become ARCA officers.

II. Hierarchy
The hierarchy is based on the British Empire and is for both ARC and ARCA members: -

Knight or Dame Grand Cross (GARC)
Knight or Dame Commander (KARC or DARC)
Commander (CARC)
Officer (OARC)
Member (MARC)

Starting from MARC promotion is based on member actions benefiting to ARC and ARCAs goals.

III. ARCA Minister Positions

Any member of ARCA may volunteer for the following positions currently available within: -

1st Minister - Responsible for directing ARCA and its ministers towards ARC/As goals,oversees propaganda and agendas before publication. Takes on all ministers duties as and when appropriate.

Minster of War – Makes the final decision for war should war be necessary. He/she will also be responsible for war and defense strategies.

Minister of Recruitment – Responsible for setting up and maintaining forum, wiki etc. advertisements as well as sending out regular recruitment requests to CN players.

Minister of Trade and Aid – Oversees trade and aid for ARC CN members

Minister of Propaganda and Agenda – Responsible for ARCAs propaganda and agenda issues/duties as he/she sees fit.

IV. Voting protocol Members of ARCA will be required to vote said members for Minister positions and for other ad hoc issues when necessary under the request of ARCA Leaders. The voting will take place via CIVS.

V. Agenda The Agenda of ARCA will be issued on our forums by the Minister of Propaganda and Agenda as and when he/she feels appropriate.

This Charter and its purposes can be edited or appended to by any member of ARCA on request to Master Hoyle.


IRON Alliance

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