Great Patriotic War
Part of Fourth Great War
Date September 10th - 13th
Location Within the Territory of Arizona and others
Result Unconditional Surrender by the RPA
Empire of Arizona (GOONS)

S-Empire (GOONS)
Raider (GOONS)
Diesel Empire (GOONS)

_Tang (IRON)

Neckistan (IRON)
Krowetia (TAPS)

Emperor Rick



Nunrleft and others

Social Security Wonder Larger Military
Casualties and losses
41,007 Troops

4,328 Tanks
47 Fighters
2 Bombers
410 Infrastructure

Being Calculated

Preparation Edit

The Empire of Arizona had only joined GOONS 24 hours before the war began in the Unjust War, it had only a limited time to prepare for the onslaught that laid ahead. RPA officials attempted to set its economy on full power towards the military, though it was not enough due to the low peacetime military setting Arizona was in with the GPA. The RPA was unprepared for what awaited.


World War IV Edit

September 10thEdit

The Empire had received reports that Caelum had been attacked by Neckistanian Troops. Caelum had been defeated within the first few hours of the war. The Government laid in Anarchy and was pleading for any kind of support. The RPA reacted by declaring war on Neckistan

RPA - Neckistanian Casualties
Nation September 10th
Empire of Arizona 5,322 Troops
133 Tanks
1 Fighter
20 Infrastructure
Neckistan 1,659 Troops
393 Tanks
4 Fighters
5 Cruise missiles
100 Infrastructure
45 Miles
10 Tech

The opening scene of Arizona's entry into world war IV was looking positive in favor of the Empire. RPA Airforce and Missile Command dealt a heavy blow on Neckistan, destroying a considerable amount of Infrastructure. However when the RPA Army crossed the border it received stiff resistance. Despite the increasing casualties RPA Generals pushed deeper into Neckistan hoping to end the war soon. The invasion though began to turn dark as Neckistan launched a moderate counter attack followed by a huge attack by _Tang of the nation of PootieTang. The RPA Airforce was thrashed as it attempted to hold the skys above Arizona. Many of its brand new F-22's were destroyed leaving much of the country open to bombing runs. _Tang's troops pushed the RPA out of Neckistan and began to assault the border lands of Arizona.

Taking in lessons from the Third Great War, the Empire signed a ceasefire with Neckistan in order to deal with the larger threat. The Neckistanian Government agreed and ended the war after the 24 hour invasion with no terms.

RPA - PootieTangs Casualties
Nation September 10th September 11th September 12th September 13th Overall Losses
Empire of Arizona 10,383 Troops
1,529 Tanks
11 Fighter
1 Cruise Missile
100 Infrastructure
47 Miles
10 Tech
10,392 Troops
539 Tanks
2 Fighters
40 Infrastructure
5 Tech
5,595 Troops
1,448 Tanks
16 Fighters
2 Bombers
74 Infrastructure
32 miles
5 Tech
4,114 Troops
154 Tanks
14 Fighters
78 Infrastructure
59 Miles
30,484 Troops
3,670 Tanks
43 Fighters
2 Bombers
1 Cruise Missiles
292 Infrastructure
138 Miles
30 Tech
PootieTang 5,682 Troops
861 Tanks
2 Fighters
20 Infurstructure
10,201 Troops
960 Tanks
5 Fighters
3 Bombers
4 Cruise Missiles
100 Infurstructure
12 Miles
8 Tech
4,361 Troops
92 Tanks
7 Fighters
2 Cruise Missiles
80 Infrastructure
29 Miles
8 Tech
5,429 Troops
459 Tanks
2 Fighters
25,673 Troops
2,372 Tanks
16 Fighters
3 Bombers
6 Cruise Missiles
200 Infurstructure
41 Miles
16 Tech

The RPA panicked with the devastating loss of Infrastructure committed in just a single day. Our forces suffered more casualties in a day compared to the whole 3rd Great War. It enacted its Emergency channels with the GOONS, former ELS, PC Nigras, and former /b/tards in order to attain support. Financial Aid was not enough to deal with this Goliath, sharp military support were needed on all fronts.

September 11thEdit

The RPA received the help it wished for.

Diesel Empire, Raider, and S-Empire all declared war and deployed troops to Arizona to annihilate the enemy. The exact damage done to _Tang is unknown, however their airforce which was around 60 Fighter Bombers were completely destroyed. With this the remaining fleet of RPA bombers carpet bombed major Tang Cities. RPA Marines launched a swift counter attacks and dealt a blow to the remaining Tangs troops in Arizona. The war had shifted back in favor to GOON allied Forces as the front moved to Tang's Territory.

Tangs Military were no were near defeated, despite being outnumbered they launched counter attack after every counter attack. Tangs supples though were not able to keep up with his forces, they began to dry up with each attack. Its airforce were now deploying inferior F-15 and with each passing day the air war slowed down to a sudden stop. Coalition Bombing runs were timed with each others attack to maximize its effectiveness.

September 12thEdit

PootieTang's government had fallen into Anarchy, victory seemed to be achieved but a large portion of its ground military continued to resist. Koncha offered Tang terms of surrender in the name of GOONS, but he refused declaring he would fight till the end.

PootieTang had received desperately needed backup from New Gaul, Mycenae (NATO), and Gratefuland (IRON) which declared on S-Empire taking him out of the fight.

Mycenae also declared on Diesel Empire

Coalition forces were forced to divide with the new threat, however the RPA decided to keep its forces concentrated on Tang. With its military and economy severally damaged it was believed that the RPA could handle it.

September 13thEdit

RPA - Krowetia Casualties
Nation September 13th
Empire of Arizona 5,201 Troops
525 Tanks
3 Fighter
98 Infrastructure
55 Miles
10 Tech
Krowetia 4,358 Troops
586 Tanks
3 Fighters

Shortly after midnight all hell broke loose. The Empire was blitzed by PootieTang, and a Nuclear Super Power called Krowetia. RPA Troops were obliterated with the first wave, there was hardly any time to call the retreat order. Many troops were captured and taken prisoner in PootieTang's territory. Later that night Air Squadrons began pouring into Arizona's territory, many RPA fighters were caught on the ground while the ones that managed to scramble were destroyed with few casualties to the enemy. Enemy troops then crossed the border re-entering Arizona. The RPA, desperate for more troops called on Civilian Police, National Guardsmen and militias to hold off the invaders. The front lines began to resemble Stalingrad with much of the battles taking place within destroyed Arizonan cities.

Unconditional Surrender Edit


General Josh Walker signing surrender papers

While being invaded from the border, internal problems began taking prominence. The Civilian population was beginning to demonstrait against the war. Without the government being able to check protesters, Anarchy began to spread across the country like a wild fire. The Empire's war machine came to a screeching halt. Unable to continue the war, and facing the imminent destruction of his country Emperor Rick offered the Unconditional Surrender of the Empire of Arizona to Krowetia as the representative of the NPO Coalition <-- name of coalition check

By 9:45AM Krowetia accepted ending the Empire of Arizona's involvement in the Fourth Great War

Aftermath Edit

GOON leadership was extremely irritated at the Empire for not fighting till the end. As punishment, GOONS threatened to place the Empire of Arizona on its KOS list and would bring destruction at the end of the war. Disappointed at the reaction, Emperor Rick requested an amendment to the surrender terms

The Terms of Surrender are as the following.

  1. Cessation of all hostilities with all parties involved in the fourth Great War for the remainder of the war.
  2. Disbandment of Air force and Cruise Missiles, until after the war
  3. Change Alliance Affiliation to IRON POW
  4. Put on protection status from GOON attack
  5. Resignation from the Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving

During which time the Empire of Arizona fully recognized the NTO as the rightful heir to the /b/ alliance. The Empire had placed its application to the Northern Treaty Organization and moved to the brown sphere.