The Bird's Army and Special Forces encompasses the Army, the Navy, the Special Forces and the Air Forces.

ReligiousLibertarian Army in formation

Army Edit

Currently the strength level is 1,160.567.

The Soldiers Edit

Currently there are 623 soldiers. They train on a small island south of New Zeland.

Marion island

The Tanks Edit

Currently there are 23 tanks.

ESS Rama Larga

The Navy Edit

The Euparadeisian Navy is very small, with 1 battleship, the ESS Rama Larga, one submarine, the ESS Fremont, 15 Sea Lions, and three DDX destroyers.

The Special ForcesEdit

The Special Forces are a small and elite force that operate behind enemy lines up to a week in advance to an operation, sabotaging and scouting the enemy.

Air Force Edit

Currently there is only 2 aircrafts:

  • Yakovlev Yak-9
  • AH-1 Cobra
AH-1 Cobra
Bomber 01

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