The Assurance of Senate Votes Agreement
Former Signatories

Random Insanity Alliance

Team Allied Guardians Alliance

The Assurance of Senate Votes Agreement was a voting treaty between the Random Insanity Alliance and the Team Allied Guardians Alliance whereas the RIA would vote for TAGA's Maroon team senate candidates. The treaty was signed at some point in 2006 and became defunct with TAGA's collapse.

The Assurance of Senate Votes AgreementEdit

This the an agreement between the Team Allied Guardians Alliance and the Random Insanity Alliance to vote for the 3 following nations every 5 days in the Maroon Team Senate:

Princeps - Tulak Hord of Tulak Hord
Praetor - Marine91 of United Federations
Conslus - Chillax With Max of Maxville

Signed for TAGA:Edit

Tulak Hord - President of TAGA
ASB - Chancellor of Recruitment
King IB - Minister of Foreign affairs

Signed for RIA:Edit

Shyox - Leader of RIA
Moth - Head of Foreign Affairs
Leo - Co-Leader
Crunka - Awesome Member
Azural - Better Than Crunka
Delta1212 - RIA Economics/Better Than Those Two^
Omega-Red - War Advisor

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