On Thanksgiving day 2007 members of the radical anarchist group "The United Anarchist Front" attempted an assasination of the President of the United States of North America, Kim Pack while he was enroute to a state dinner party.


The United Anarchist Front is a radical anarchist organization that calls for a revolution to overthrow the federal government of the United States of North America and establish a new less powerful goverment. They say that President Pack is a tyrant who wants nothing but absolute power.


President Pack was heading to a state dinner party to celebrate Thanksgiving. Several weeks before the attempt several threatening letters and phone calls were recieved from the UAF demanding that President Pack step down and relinquish power or they would do so through the use of force. As a result of these threats President Pack began traveling with a heavier escort than normal. His usual travel escort were a limousine, 4 SPS SUVs, 4 USNA National Police patrol cars, and 8 USNANP Motorcycles. Altogether a total of 24 SPS agents, and 16 USNANP MPF Officers. After the threats were recieved 2 more SPS SUVs and 4 USNANP SUVs were added to the escort. This put an additional 10 SPS Agents and 4 USNANP Alpha teams into the escort. In addition to this the military was alerted to be at readiness if something should happen.


The SPS and USNANP were armed with their usual weaponry. The weapons used by the UAF were completely unexpected. They had apparently had access to such weapons as AK-47 Assault Rifles and RPGs.

Assasination AttemptEdit

At 4:30 PM the motorcade was heading to the state dinner and was traveling on Market Street. Due to the unannounced nature of the travel no advance scouting was done. Somehow, the UAF was able to anticipate the arrival of the convoy and set up in the nearby buildings at an intersection. As the convoy entered their killzone the first and last two vehicles were eliminated with RPGs. The limousine immediately swerved off the road and President Pack was dragged into a nearby store to await extraction. The escort established a perimeter around the store and began to return fire. Military units were quickly deployed. The 1st Helicopter Assault Brigade was dispatched along with the 1st and 3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigades. The building was sweeped clear and a V-22 Osprey landed on the roof to extract the President. While taking off it recieved serious damage to the right engine but managed to make it back to base. The remaining UAF members were either killed or captured by the additional military, SPS, and USNANP forces dispatched. In the end 11 SPS, 19 USNANP MPF Officers, and 7 Military personnel were killed. 21 Others were wounded. Out of the 50 UAF members that participated in the attack; 35 were killed and 15 were captured.

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