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National Flag
Capital City New Orleans
Official Language(s) English (De facto)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler Mace council
Ryag Han
Nation Team Aqua team Aqua
Total population 659 politicians,


The day it was found,Aazamar had a Council of Clans,the remnant of the older Peace Council. When the Peace Council was stuck between the multi-side civil war,they've owe,with humility, submission to the wining side:Ryag Han.

First Government(Democratic)Edit

A few days after the nation came into being,the Council of Clans was dissolved to wash away the old ways. The Semi-Democratic government organized itself into the Aazamar Council,lead by the ruler of the nation. It consist of the Parliament which was divided into the Legislature House and the Senatorial House.

Second Government(Capitalist)Edit

The First Government prove to be a disaster, almost collapsing the nations economy and military in a devastating war.As such,immediately after the war ended,Ryag Han dissolved the Government and declared the Government a true Capitalist.It to prove to be a failure with the 2009 December War.

Third Government (Communist)Edit

At the start of the Year 2010,the failure of the past was left behind with the declaration of the Socialist Republic of Aazamar.The new dictatorial regime was going against the very motto, and so restarted the Second Aazamar Civil War.

Second Civil War and Forth GovernmentEdit

The start of the Second Aazamar Civil War,also call SACW,marked the start of a new golden age for the people of Aazamar.The war raged for days,the two sides (the Communists versus the Democrats) were stuck in a political war,with Ryag Han in the middle:on one side,the communist would use him for they'll own benefice,on the other the Democrats who could take away his leadership. He formed a third faction,the Semi-Democratic Liberation Front. As the First Government of Aazamar he personalty formed with his strength,the Han and SDLF began systematically attack the Communists,then dissolved and absorbed the Democrats Forces. The wars soon ended,bringing an end to Aazamar.