Barnetboyz is currently a 19 years old male subject, it is told that he can be found in a small but amazing part of North London called Crouch End which is famous for its small clocktower and 1 of a kind Dunns bakery and local celebrities including Simon 'Spaced' Pegg, David 'Dr Who' Tennant (who i've seen twice down there \o/) & Gillian 'Sexy Sci-Fi Detective' Anderson. As like many a youngster he was never fond of school (although he loved Primary school) and dreamed of becoming a professional footballer but that dream has since died out although he is said to be the next Darts superstar from all reports *nudge nudge wink wink*

When he's not relaxing by listening to Muse, MCR & Fall Out Boy (best bands ever) he will mainly be found at the Bell & Buck pub in Barnet practicing Darts for the upcoming summer league darts in which he needs a team. If he isn't there he will be at Underhill stadium watching his beloved football (or Soccer to you crazy non english people) team Barnet FC who currently play in the Coca Cola League 2

He is currently looking for work but will not under any terms work for fucking Tesco as he hates them.. alot.

Sir Barnetboyz has also found the delight of Vodka as of late and singing

The OTF Alliance days Edit

Barnetboyz was part of an alliance called OTF after he was recruited by Nickyh (who is one of the suave leaders of 1 Touch Football).. while at OTF, Barnetboyz was made a MP but due to a few issues regarding raiding, he and a few members of the OTF split and formed the better and more productive 1 Touch Football alliance

1 Touch Football Era Edit

Barnetboyz joined a fast improving alliance called 1 Touch Football some time ago and had since been apointed Chief Scout.. the alliance is a very friendly alliance and will always welcome new memebers as we all have a laugh (mainly at Mayzies bald self.. look at him now.. LAUGH DAMN YOU!).. the future can only be bright for Barnetboyz and 1 Touch Football, and may long it grow.

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