Battle of Kure City
Part of the Midwayan Civil War
Date April 8, 2011
Location Kure City, Kure Atoll Province, Union of Midway

Red Front attacks Kure City.

Status Ended; Red Front victory, Kure Atoll Province joins Red Front.
South Africa Union of Midway RedFrontFlag Red Front
RedFrontFlag Daniel Bullock
10,000 Midwayan infantry 5,000 Red Front soldiers
Casualties and losses
1997 killed
138 injured
1 missing
492 killed
114 injured
1 missing

The Battle of Aldebaran is one of the first battles of the Midwayan Civil War. It began in the morning when the Red Front issued a declaration of war against the Union of Midway, and attacked Aldebaran, Eastern City, Sand Islet City, and Kure City simultaneously. The Red Front had the element of surprise on their side, and it can be said that that won them the battle. The commander of the Red Front forces was identified as Daniel Bullock, who also happens to be the leader of the Red Front. The Red Front forces stormed the beaches of Kure City, quickly securing the coastline. The Midwayan military counterattacked, but the counterattack failed and only ended up killing 500 soldiers. The Red Front then advanced from the coastline into the city, killing any Midwayan soldier they saw on the way. This prompted the Midwayan military to retreat, and Kure City was taken over by the Red Front. The Red Front immediately went to the Provincial Committee of the Kure Atoll Province, who were all at Kure City for a meeting, and forced them, with the threat of death, to sign a treaty that made the Kure Atoll Province part of the Red Front.