The Belgian Commonwealth
The Flag of Belgium, and the Belgian Commonwealth
In war we are strong, in peace we are resilent.
Capital New Bruseels
Official Languages Flemish, Dutch, Congoese, French
  • Monarchy
 • Total

641.126 mile diameter (6/5/07)
 • Civilians
 • Military

11,111 Men, Woman, Children
7,531 Soldiers
National Animal The Elephant
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: 89.39%
Currency Euro
 • Connected
Aluminum Cattle Fish Marble Oil Rubber Silver Sugar

The ReconquestEdit

The Belgian Commonwealth is a empire from an empire. Many years after the Congo was returned to the people, it well into dissarry and civil war. The current Belgian government saw it as a duty to recolonize, and establish order within the region once more. So, led by the German Conrad von Himmler, Belgian forces occupied and integrated the former colony, to a world power on Planet Bob.

Early HistoryEdit

The Belgian Commonwealth, after the conquest of Congo, was given it's autonomy by the Belgian government. Conrad von Himmler stepped down as the dictator of the colony, only to be re-elected as it's President. This was quite a surprise that the conqueror managed to pull a victory in the new democratic process.

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