With its capital located in the middle of Road 20, Berkano is slowly rising powerhouse. Berkano has had a relatively peaceful history, having no more than 3 wars it its existence. However, if some nation were to take arms against Berkanos citizens, they will not hesitate to retaliate.

Wielding a wide array of weapons, among them: -Tanks -Planes -Missiles -CO2 Powered Mechs -Wookies -Catapults

the people of Berkano will fiercely defend their homelands from any threat: bums, drugaddicts,The Huns,you name it. In times of peace, while most citizens are resting happily in their homes, the wookies pull the economy skywards at an ever-increasing rate, producing wheat, furs, and some other random stuff.

Also, Berkano's owner has syphilis. Not to mention all his base are belong to Reywtf. That is all >_>

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