Blazetania is the capital city of Blaze Islands. Blazetania sits in the second island of the two, known as Southern Blaze. Blazetania is the most highly populated area of either of the Blaze islands and this is widely belived to be because it is the most 'western' part of Blaze Islands. Blazetania is home to the government of Blaze Islands, and they rule from the main palace Hartyer Palace. The city of Blazetania is home to the country's only football stadium, Spears Park, which holds over 10,000 people. The city also holds Vanish Arena, the country's only multi use arena. The Vanish Arena has played host to major concerts, athletics and indoor football. Blazetania is home to five of the eight teams the compete in the Blaze Premiership League. The teams are: Blazetania City who share the 1,500 capacity stadium Finduse Lane with local rivals Blaze Rovers, Star United who play at 1,700 capacity Greneee Road,Ruby who play at 3,500 capacity stadium Easted Court and the capital's arguably biggest team, Fresdsh Town, who play at 5,000 capacity stadium Dragons Lane and recently qualified for International competition. Blaze Islands only television station, Blaze, is based in Blazetania. The station, which runs three channels is run by the state and shows state controlled programming.

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