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Bobo-JBR Treaty of Amity and Cooperation

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Bobo-JBR Treaty of Amity and Cooperation
Bobogoobo-United States of JBR Treaty of Amity and Cooperation
Bobo-JBR Treaty
The treaty
Type of treaty Friendship, Nonaggression, Cooperation
Drafted 30 January 2011
- location
30 January 2011
Halrloprillalar City
Effective 30 January 2011
Signatories 2 sovereign states
Flag of Bobogoobo Bobogoobo
Language English

The Bobo-JBR Treaty of Amity and Cooperation is a treaty between Bobogoobo and the United States of JBR recognizing the signatories' similar goals and developing bond, hoping to continue relations in the future. The treaty went into effect on the 30th of January 2011 and the countries began conducting diplomacy the following day.

Text of the TreatyEdit


This treaty aims to ensure continuing good relations and cooperation toward shared goals of Bobogoobo and the United States of JBR. It recognizes the bond developing between the two and hopes this connection will endure. This treaty recognizes the sovereignty of each nation and does not infringe upon it.


The signatories shall take all measures to avoid armed conflict against each other, and should attempts fail, to reach a diplomatic agreement as efficiently as possible. Neither signatory shall knowingly take actions that could directly lead to war against the other. If either signatory is in a state of war with another party, the other shall not provide assistance of any kind to the other party if it would give it an advantage over the warring signatory.


The signatories agree to continue friendly relations with each other, including being polite and respectful in communication both official and casual. Citizens of each nation shall treat those of the other as brothers and sisters.


The signatories shall cooperate in furthering shared goals. Information and resource exchanges of any kind to this end are encouraged. Additionally, the signatories shall not hesitate to take the initiative in completing or starting new goals. If one nation does not share a goal of the other, it is not required to cooperate in that goal. Should either nation come into possession of information that could harm or benefit the other, it is required to share this information as quickly as possible.


At any time, either signatory may request assistance of any kind, except military, from the other. This request should be complied with unless an appropriate reason for not complying can be supplied. Requests should be appropriate and within the abilities of the other nation to fulfill.


In the event that this treaty is violated beyond reconciliation, or the signatories no longer share the bonds that spawned this treaty, either signatory may cancel the treaty by providing notice to the other. Seventy-eight hours after the notice, the treaty is void.


For Bobogoobo

  • Bobogoobo signature, Supreme Ruler

For the United States of JBR

  • JustinVsig, President
  • Jakeb Norton, Monarch
  • Hayden Painter, Vice President
  • High Executive Committee, Executive Branch

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