Boris Zhukov


Office President of the Isrograd
Term of Office 9/10/89 - present
Predecessor Ehud bin-Sharak
Successor None
Political Party The Democratic Socialist Party of Isrograd

Boris Zhukov is the leader of the Democratic Socialist Party of Isrograd and President of Isrograd and a man of religion and socialisim and its ideas. He took over the chair of President of Isrograd in 1989 after a Coup'd'etat against the dictator in the country, Ehud bin-Sharak. He came in as a champion of the people and was and still is very popular amongst the military,political officials, and civilian population of Isrograd. He has done many things, such as bring a high minimum wage for the workers of Isrograd, and has strengthened the military of Isrograd significantly. He has also promised to bring nuclear bombs to Isrograd, and for them to be a nuclear power by the end of 2006.

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