brass joined Cybernations and more importantly, the Federation of Armed Nations, on 13 November, 2006. His humble beginning with FAN quickly altered from one of a complete peon, to a man with a mission. He worked his way up through the ranks, alongside an influx of people from, which managed to triple the size of FAN in a matter of a week. Flying through the Base and Distinguished ranks, he found himself in a position of much greater responsibility, as he became elected to serve as a congressman. He has since been re-elected to his third term. While serving the people of the Federation of Armed Nations, he has shown immense loyalty and conviction by leading from the front, a quality none too easy to find in this day and age. Proving this yet again, when the FAN forums suffered a DDoS attack and were taken off line in April of 2007, he stepped up and created the new forums that we know and love, becoming an administrator on 25 April, 2007. He continues his quest to making FAN and her people the utmost alliance that the Planet Bob has ever seen.

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