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This alliance merged with the Cyber Nations Defense Initiative and Exion to form the Global Organization for Liberty and Defense.

Merger occurred on/around October 2006

The Brotherhood of Soverign States (BoSS) was a minor alliance that made its home in the yellow sphere. Its membership peaked at around 92 members. As a result of the October 2006 merger of the three main yellow alliances into GOLD, BoSS has been disbanded.

The remainder of this article refers to the history of BoSS as at its disbanding.

The Birth of the BrotherhoodEdit

BoSS was created July 23, 2006. The founding nations of the Brotherhood include:

Vaylen of Galea, Moeman of Moemania, Lysdexia of Dyslexia, President Pierce of Saratoga, Crazy Luigi of LuigiLand, Prophet of Cyrodil, jonthecheet of Cheet

with official witness by: Aldbeign of Na'Hir

Charter Drafted Edit

On the night of July 21 into the wee hours of the morning of July 22 the first members of BoSS voted on a charter that contained a new sort of government. This government was based on democratic ideals as opposed to a long reigning despot.

The leader of the BoSS is called the Sheikh, below him is his top assistant the Caliph and then the Sultans of Truth, Sword, Crown, and Rose. The Sheikh, Caliph, and Sultans were voted on the night of the drafting of the Charter. These people were voted by a majority vote by the people and it was decided that the Sultans would hold a certain term and the Shiekh held his position until voted out by the people or resignation.

A Mixed PeopleEdit

The Brotherhood is made up of many people, some that fought each other in The Great War came together to form a melting pot of people.

The Great Exodus Edit

On the night of September 30, 2006 The Great Exodus occurred, nearly all of the original founding members left for the NPO, as well as some other regular members who had such a connection with some of the old guard that they also left bringing the BoSS numbers down about 10 or 15 members, with about 84 members BoSS finally stabilized, a new Sheikh, Moeman was selected and a interim government was set up to help with stabilization of the vacuum that was created. Moeman, the last remaining founding member, started talks with foreign heads of state immediately and got BoSS back on the road.

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