Also known as the Imperial Administrative Republic of Macedonia(IARM) Byzantium IARM is basically known as a third world where its ethnic group is of Greek origin dealing from regions of thrace, Byzantium, and Macedonia with majority. The countries population is very small but can with stand a fight against a country its size. The main import are gems(such as diamonds) and gold which marks its high standards in economy and surplus. As an actual monarchy controlled by an inferior senate, Byzantium IARM is ruled by the great king Alexandros Magnus. The infastructure and current technology is futile but with courage of brave men serving in horrid wars the IARM salute you!

Early Formation

The formation of ByzantiumIARM sprung up in 1992 when the soviet union collapsed and marked the end to the cold war. Though Greece at that time wasn't part of the USSR it was still damaged by communist influence and belief by neighboring countries like Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. In this year the great Macedonian revolt took place when a dispatch group of 62 Macedonian Partisans attacked a Greek Police station in Thessalonika, Greece currently remembered as January 1, 1990, Greeces greatest betrayal. In the fight about 5 partisans and 13 soldiers were killed, 23 partisans and 43 soldiers injured with also 14 people lost on site and 4 civilian cassualties. This was to be the battle of thessalonika. Since then about 5 independent Macedonian nations were formed all with less than 400 followers. One was Byzantium.

The coming of the IARM

The imperial senate(IS) controlled the IARM, a group of about 46 diplomates in the 5 Macedonian nations. This caused a hubble and on December 5, 1996 they annexed all other nations with Byzantium now called IARM in terms of the senate.


War for ByzantiumIARM was listed as the following:

  • The 2nd Macedonian wars: ByzantiumIARM vs. new Macedonian rebels-New Macedonians had sprung to plot the IARMs downfall but miserably failed thanks to Macedonian tactics. 1996-96
  • The 3rd Macedonian wars: Greece vs. ByzantiumIARM, Italy, and Yugoslavia-A Greek garrison took advantage of IARMS weakness and attacks it but is forced to create peace talks due to international aid. 1998-2000
  • The 1st Turkish insurgency: Greece and ByzantiumIARM vs. Turkey-Greece and IARM now facing bitter inavion from Turkey joined as allies to stop and create a counter-attack.2001-2005

Alexandros Magnus

The year was 2006 and the republic was crumbling under caos and economic crisis. But fortunally a new leader came and ceased the fighting and reunited IARM at its former glory as a kingdom! Though now a strong force in the region IARM made war on kalakia for being a communist/anarchist state which was against byzantiums beliefs. Christianity was finally stored as a forceful religion.

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