C. Allen
1st President of Kristonion
Term of Office November 19, 2006 to
May 5, 2007
Preceeded By None
Succeeded By John Deutsch
1st King of Kristonion
Term of Office May 12, 2007 to
May 23, 2007
Preceeded By John Deutsch
Succeeded By None
Allegiance Kristonion
Born January 8
Florida, United States
Political Party Centrist
Religion Agnostic

C. Allen is the founder and 1st President of Kristonion. Allen serves as President for life. He came to power after he had founded Kristonion, and also he founded the Conservative-D's of Kristonion. President Allen has become a highly popular figure in Kristonion politics. His greatest abilities were in strategy, and politics and this helped him be chosen as the ruler when the nation was first created. He created Kristonion with a Republic government but the citizens wanted a dictatorship instead. President Allen still wanted some democracy in Kristonion so he made the country as diplomatic as he could without completely making Kristonion a dictatorship. The citizens began to favor the way Allen organized the government and so they decided it was best. During the Second Great War, Allen gained much experience in the field of war. During the defense of Allentown from Eporedian attacks, the President himself entered the battle to defend the capital. After the Second Great War he became Supreme General of the Army. With this position, if an attack were to occur within Kristonion's borders, Allen would take part in those defensive battles. The President founded the Senate in March 2007 making Kristonion have an even more diplomatic government. On May 4 he ended his term as President when the government reform occurred. He couped Kristonion on May 12 and returned to power. Two days later he became King of Kristonion in the government reform to Monarchy. On May 21 he founded the Commonwealth of Green Nations and became President of the alliance. Two days later, Kristonion split apart and entered anarchy.

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