The CAN-KGB War was a several day conflict between two moderately sized alliances, the CAN (Coalition of Armed Nations) and the KGB (after the Soviet "KGB"). The alliances had relatively similar number of nations and strength.

The War Edit

As the very intense war raged, many nations were ZI'ed, and even more thrown into anarchy.

Immediate Outcome Edit

In the end, a cease-fire was formed with terms favoring the later-proclaimed victor, the CAN.

Lasting Effects Edit

The KGB alliance faded into a small scale alliance, and even the CAN, the victors, felt residual effects of the very costly war. This war may be seen as the begginning of the end for the ailing CAN. After some time, with the CAN slowly crumbling, it finally un-officialy disbanded, giving way to newer alliances, some still around and thriving today.

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