The Cyber Nations Defense Initiative Edit

The Cyber Nations Defense Initiative, hereafter known as CNDI, was an alliance in the online geopolitical simulator, Cyber Nations. CNDI eventually merged with BoSS and Exion to become GOLD.

CNDI, The Early Days Edit

CNDI was founded around May 2006, and Cramzpatio, the leader of Somalia became it's Premier. Some of the early members were Cramzpatio, King Leroy, Rossi, Cornholio, InDnM4n, Balthazar, Enrique Barrentos, Coralius, Spiney Norman, King Jacob and a few others. Throughout the beginning, the alliance lived in bliss. It was an alliance founded on prosperity, penguins and Cindy Crawford.

CNDI and The Great War Edit

Whilst CNDI had a strict policy of remaining neutral, when the Great War between the NPO and the CoaLUEtion began to rage, it still affected CNDI. No members of CNDI got involved in the conflict itself, however, CNDI was split between those who supported one side and those who supported the others. The caused tension to rise, and as the numbers in CNDI rose also, with less understanding younglings, things weren't looking good.

Tensions Rising Edit

Everybody was pretty angry at everybody during this time, and petty arguments starting cascading over nothing. The subject of merging with BoSS and Exion was brought up, and again there were several camps which clouded the air with their inability to agree. Several members left during this period, such as Balthazar who was ejected for not wanting to give up the CNDI he had loved, and King Leroy, who had grown irritated at Balthazar's proud ways.

BoSS and Exion Edit

CNDI merged with BoSS and Exion to form GOLD, and while they may have had some hiccoughs, it has been a steady alliance ever since.

After CNDI Edit

Most of the former inner circle have gone their separate ways, but still talk quite regularly and seem to get on quite well.

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