CNGNN, or Global News Network is an up and coming news organization to provide news relating to the Cyber Verse.

CNGNN History Edit

On December 17th 2007, Global News Network, aka "CNGNN," was formely created and broadcasted to all members of

CNGNN Mission Edit

-To provide the ‘best’ news information.
-To ensure ‘accurate’ information.
-To make available ‘timely’ information.

CNGNN Sources Edit

-The primary source of information will come from every member of

-We will do our best to ensure the information given is accurate to its fullest extent and will do a quality check to ensure no false information is given to the public.

CNGNN Quality Check Edit

There will be a 4 star system of news.

-4 Stars, the information is verified from the source, and parties at hand.
-3 Stars, the information had been verified by the CNGNN staff and is under review from the Alliance Representative.
-2 Stars, the information is prudent to the matter at hand.
-1 Star, no quality checks have been accomplished, and the information was published to keep timely updates.

CNGNN Alliance Representatives Edit

-CNGNN understands that falsified information can occur to create panic amongst the Cyber Verse.
-Therefore, CNGNN requests all alliances to designate an Alliance Representative (AR’s) to be in contact with CNGNN at all times.
-We would like AR’s to verify information even if its sensitive to the Alliance.

-If CNGNN find out news that was given to them, but denied by the AR, we will NOT recognize the old AR as the current, therefore re-designation of an AR must take place.

Miscellaneous Information Edit

-CNGNN, will step up and create one site for all Alliance Charter’, Flags, Wars, MDPs and other information that is publicly available from the Cyber Verse Alliances.

CNGNN Site & Email Edit

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