CN FIFA was founded on 13th June 2006 as the CyberNations Federation Internationale de Football Association. It was founded in Beograd, capital of Srbija by Milan Miljanic and President Stefan Uros VI. Milan Miljanic is now first President of CNFIFA. Zhongnanhai was the second state which joined CNFIFA. Its member, Zhu Kai, who was founder of their national football team, Communist Party member and former Goalie, became Vice-President of CNFIFA. Many people found out about CNFIFA very quickly. Now CNFIFA has 28 members. On 13th June 2006, the first (unofficial) football match was played between Srbija and Ghostovia. It was 3-3.

CNFIFA is affiliated with the CyberNations Football World Cup, in which many CNFIFA members will play. Colombia, the host of the tournament, is also a CNFIFA member.

The new CNFIFA forums can be found here: [1]

Stadium FK Partizan, Beograd

Stadiumshot02 2.jpgCD7D3CE7-B2DC-4658-909A65B49C99365A.jpgLarge

Official stadium of CNFIFA (Capacity: 140,000)

Members Edit

Nations in bold are competitors in the CyberNations Football World Cup. Nicknames are in brackets.

CNFIFA headquarters, Beograd, Srbija
  • Srbija (Plavi)
  • Zhongnanhai
  • Brazilian Union
  • warrions
  • Super Denmark (The Frozen Oranges)
  • Colombia
  • New Deutschland
  • Scots Empire
  • Rothinzil
  • The New Prussian Reich (The Sturmtruppen)
  • Veronan Empire
  • Occitania (Cathars)
  • The Fleurieu Federation (The Fluriroos)
  • Vukovagora (Vukovi)
  • Khazak Empire (Golden Falcons)
  • The Bear Republic
  • Onderon
  • Cataduanes
  • Meridian
  • Ghostovia (Beli Vukovi)
  • Republic of Clover
  • The Mystic Mountain
  • Red Solomon
  • Triamcinolone
  • Bennington
  • The Grand Mal
  • Bulgarian Nation
  • The FSR of Barbados
  • LawtonPrk
  • Mishtopia
  • USSL
  • Murphdawggia (Mambas)
  • Tyimerica
  • Oblikistan (The Obliterators)
  • AK_47
  • Thessali
  • Prince Edward Island (Pirates)
  • Ozgold
  • Stegmark
  • Kathnar

Links Edit

Full list of Match Results - Football Matches - CNFIFA

CNFIFA sign up and info topic

CN World Cup topic

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