Chelsea FCEdit

the best english team and properly the best team in the world. Chelsea FC have the best english players in the world and hope to have the title wrapped up soon and look foward to the cup final

stadium: stamford bridge-42,500

rivals:manchester,glasow celtic,candar fire

Miropolis FCEdit

The oldest team in Amiri, celebrating its 1000th birthday!

The strongest team in the region, and has players from all over the world.

The most expensive player is Fathi Hakan, No. 22. (MF), bought for $34,000,000.

Rivals include, Miro United FC, Azouz Wanderers FC, Vestutae Victors FC, Osmaan City FC.

Homeground: The Hill

Glasgow CelticEdit

Hail Hail the Celts are here!

Team owner Prodigal_Chieftain expects only the best from his bhoys!!!

Home Park: Celtic Park, Glasgow

Tortuga SeadogsEdit

CF Ana les VillesEdit

Club Du Football Ana les Villes is a team based out of the Capital City of the French Republic. With all-star French Forwards, the team is known for scoring and rough play.

Manchester UnitedEdit

The Bear Villiage FC GrizzlieEdit

FC Grizzlie is a soccer team based out of the capitol city of The Bear Republic, The Bear Village. FC Grizzlie is in a very tough division, with Manchester and Chelsea FC. The Bear Republic is known for raising very tough nutters with arguably the strongest team in the CN Soccer League. The team averages one red card per game.

FC Grizzlie plays in Bearington Park, a 73,000 seat behemoth of a field located in Bearington, a suburb of The Bear Village. Also located in the Bearington Athletic Complex is the Grizzlie Dome and Grizzlie Park, home to basketball and baseball respectively.

FC Grizzlie has not established a rival as of yet, as there are too many competitors, and the year is too early. Knowing FC Grizzlie, they will find someone to hate.

Jimmington AthleticEdit

Jimmington Athletic are based in the capital city of the collection of islands known as Jimmin. The team are more famously known for their agility and their famous counter-attack, being able to implement it even in the toughest of situations.

Athletic play in the 'Signe Arena', named after the club's orignal president. It seats 58,000 and comes equiped with under-soil heating. It has also recieved the award for the 'Cleanest Public Toilets' for 6 years in a row. Athletic are currently in the tough 'Copa Division'.

Rayal MaarisEdit

Candar FireEdit

The Candar Fire are one of the best offensive teams in the league if not the best. Their offensive strategy is incredible as they strike high scores on a daily basis. The fire are situated in Candar City, Candar Province, the Skyian Provinces and the entire country is filled with pride for their team, many of them wearing Candar Fire shirts at every opportunity.

Stadium:Autarchial Football Stadium Rival: CF Ana Les Villes

New Atlantis YankeesEdit

The Persian Empire HuntersEdit

Dantooine Jedi KnightsEdit

The Dantooine Jedi Knights of the Jedi Revan are a new arrival to the world of soccer. With the rising interest of soccer in the country, a national team was made. The people are very proud of their team as they have been surprised at how well the team has been doing. Fans show their support by buying lightsaber and waving them during the match.

However, this has produced some controversy as several other teams fans have died after insulting the Knights. The Knights fans then killed the other fans with their lightsaber. The government is now replacing the real lightsabers with ones that look real but cannot kill or harm others.

Stadium: Yoda Stadium

Rivals: Cartesian Nationals

Jedi Logo

FC PolarisEdit

FC Polaris are the club team of Edland's largest and capital city. Given Edland's position north of the Arctic Circle, Polaris are notable in that they often have to hold practice indoors, in the Ice House, a geothermal-powered practice facility.

Emerchian MarinersEdit

The Mariners are Emerchia's national men's soccer team, and their home stadium is the Stadium Emerchia, located in the Emerchian capital, Emerchiapolis. Like all of Emerchia's national sports teams, the Mariners are owned by the Crown-Prince, and financed by the Emerchian government.

Crystal PalaceEdit

Crystal Palace are the druid nations premier domestic team, based in the capital city of oxford, the selhurst park stadium is unrivaled in the excellence of its facilities in the league, both being coverd, and having undersoil heating.

All seats possess a clear unobstructed view of the luxurious green pitch which some say is tended only by the most experienced of the druids herb lore specialists.

Keen rivals with the glasgow destines; packed houses are always present for a rival fixture dating back to before anyone can remember.

Glasgow DestiniesEdit

The Glasow Destinies are the official national soccer team for the Scot Empire. They are based in Glasgow, Scotland, the capitol of the Scots Empire. They are widely regarded as one of best defensive teams in the world. However, their offense is incredibly inconsistant which makes them a team that will have of spurts of dominance that are surely followed by an inability to win. Within a single season they will go from the bottom of their division to the top, but then to the bottom again.

Rival: Crystal Palace Stadium: Royal Lion Stadium

Cartesian NationalEdit

The Extropian BorganismsEdit

Free AgentsEdit

Aaron Lennon-19-M/AM/ST Centre, Right

Ryan Bullard-18-M/AM Centre

Freddy Adu-17-M/AM/ST Left, Centre, Right

James Milner-20-M Left, Centre, Right

Godwin Antwi-18-D Centre

Hamzi Ismali-18 D Left

Igor Akinfeev-20-GK

Scott McLaughlin-22- D/DM Left, Centre, Right

Leagues TableEdit

League Standings
Cybernations Soccer League
Secrea Division Wins Draws Losses GF GA PTs PB GD
Glasgow Celtic 14 3 9 92 68 45 - +24
The Bear Villiage FC Grizzlies 14 1 11 91 81 43 2 +10
Manchester United 12 2 12 96 92 38 7 +4
Miropolis FC 89 15 0 234 56 197 2 +23
Chelsea FC 9 4 13 77 94 31 14 -17
Tortuga Seadogs 7 2 17 70 97 23 22 -29
Toler Division Wins Draws Losses GF GA PTs PB GD
Candar Fire 20 3 3 103 50 63 - +53
CF Ana les Villes 13 5 8 76 67 44 19 +9
Rayal Maaris 11 4 11 72 74 37 26 -2
New Atlantis Yankees 8 5 13 83 88 29 34 -5
Matser Division Wins Draws Losses GF GA PTs PB GD
Dantooine Jedi Knights 12 2 12 80 76 38 - +4
FC Polaris 10 5 11 97 109 35 3 -12
Cartesian National 10 2 14 78 83 32 6 -5
Extropian Borganisms 9 5 12 82 91 32 6.5 -9
Persian Empire Hunters 9 4 10 69 78 31 7 -9
Copa Division Wins Draws Losses GF GA PTs PB GD
Emerchia Mariners 11 7 8 91 88 40 - +3
Jimmington Athletic 10 5 11 66 75 35 5 -9
Crystal Palace 10 3 13 71 73 33 7 -2
Glasgow Destinies 9 4 13 78 87 31 9 -11

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