Cake Town
Country Great Pwnage
Cake Town's First Mayor, teh_mayor
Population 13,587

History Edit

Cake Town was established as the founding city of Great Pwnage. In its early days, Cake Town was built around the wheat harvesting industry that thrived all around it, though very quickly the commercial sector of the city started to expand with the success of the country, and over time the city has become a major metropolis.

Geography Edit

Cake Town is entirely land-locked in mid-western North America. The terrain is mostly flat as well, much like the surrounding area.

Climate Edit

As is common in the midwestern plains, Cake Town experiences hot summers and cold winters, with frequest tornadoes.

Economy Edit

The largest employer in Cake Town is the Great Pwnage Armed Forces, which is based in Cake Town and has its largest base there. The outlying areas of Cake Town still continue their wheat production, while the downtown economy is based off of commercial services, high-tech industry, and construction. Also, the city is the financial hub of the nation, home to several banking sectors and headquarters of national enterprise Great Pwnage Imperial Securities, which owns many of the major corporations in the country.

Points of Interest Edit

Cake Town is home to Great Pwnage's largest building, the Tower of Pwnage, standing 1,337 feet high from base to mast.

Sports Edit

Major sports in Cake Town include Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Cricket, and Basketball.

Soccer holds the largest following, with the Great Pwnage national team being based in Cake Town. The team recently came in 2nd in the CN World Cup (6-4-2, 20 pts) with forward Cory Black leading the league in points and goals scored.

Government Edit

Cake Town, as the capital of Great Pwnage, is home to the Emperor's Palace, the House of Legislature, and the High Court of Adjudication.

On a local scale, the city is run as a sort of republic, with a democratically elected Mayor and a city council of 5, elected by area.

Transportation Edit

Cake Town has a sophisticated transit infrastructure. 4 elevated highways pass through the city, 2 east/west, and 2 north/south. This creates a rectangular "eye" which contains the main downtown area. Roadways are efficient and well-maintained, forming a very effective grid pattern as no terrain obstacles impede development. One main railway runs through the center of town, as well as through the main industrial areas.

Mass transportation in Cake Town has several supporting elements. In the downtown area, a subway system can get you almost anywhere you need to go from point to point. Getting to downtown is accomplished either by using the main rail line, or by using the bus system. Cake Town has a large fleet of public buses, travelling within the city as well as to the outlying suburbs.

Cake Town's air connection is Cake Town Air Harbor, a major international air hub for both passengers and especially cargo, as Great Pwnage exports most of their wheat and water through its air cargo fleet, and in turn brings back various resource imports.

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