Capitalisme Maintenant!
(Capitalism Now!)
Capitalisme Maintenant banner

Capitalism Now! Party Banner

Party Chairman Roland LeBlanc
Founded November 2006
Political ideology Capitalist
Economic Growth
Protestant Work Ethic
Slogan Responsabilité, Économie, Prospérité
Colors Green

Capitalisme Maintenant! (English, Capitalism Now!) is a pro-Capitalist political party in the Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists. It's founder and party chairman is Water industry tycoon, Roland LeBlanc.


Roland LeBlanc was one of the original founders of the colonial nation of Displaced Calvinists. Immigrating from France, Mr LeBlanc's vision was not just for the religious liberties for French Protestants that the colony was founded upon, but also to create an Economic Prosperity Zone in West Africa. After the colony gained independence in October 2006, the ruling Republican Eldership Party's economic policies began to falter (in part due to the espionage and sabotage performed by the then Finance Minister Jean Bruchard-Cleuseau).

In light of these failures, Roland LeBlanc's proposed economic reforms began to gain popularity. In November 2006, LeBlanc and his business partners founded the Capitalisme Maintenant! movement, which quickly became a political party. Poised to win the December 2006 national elections, the other political interests (REP and the Huguesville Cattlemens' Association) quickly formed a coalition government to shut the new movement out and prevent it from becoming the ruling party. For a time, this created some hard feelings, particularly between Roland LeBlanc and the head of the Republican Eldership Party, the Reverend Ian MacKenzie.

The early months of 2007 saw the emergence of the Franco-Supremacist, pro-Fascist FIC (Francophone Ici, Copain) movement. Realizing the threat to national stability and freedom, the Republican Elders and the Capitalists reconciled, and joined together with the pro-Democracy Huguesville Cattlemens' Association. The three parties pledged together in a National Royal Covenant, and proclaimed the Governor-General Sheldomar Bolak as the King of the Republic. This coalition government currently rules the nation as a cooperative effort under the umbrella of a Constitutional Republican Monarchy.

Today, the Capitalism Now! movement is the local ruling party in Displaced Calvinists' Coligny Regional District. They also hold the majority of city council seats in Port St Paul. The movement's party headquarters is in the city of Coligny.


Roland LeBlanc and his business partners have worked not only for the economic prosperity of the Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists, but have also sent overseas advisers to such nations as Botswanna, Glenlivet, and Ulster Isle to help revamp their domestic economies and policies. Roland LeBlanc was awarded the 2007 Humanitarian Capitalist of the Year award for such efforts.

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