National Flag
"For Cerbrus! For CON! For her Allies!
Capital City Athlon
Official Language(s) English
Established 04/29/2007
(3,983 days old)
Government Type Federal Government Federal
Alliance Confederation of Organized Nations
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Orange team Orange
Statistics as of 09/11/07
Total population 18,211
 9,629 civilians
 8,582 soldiers
Literacy Rate 71.86%%
Religion Jainism Jainism
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 1,099
Technology 134.85
Nation Strength 8,719.267
Nation Rank 9,074 of 5,242 (173.1%)
Total Area 791.1 Earth icon
Native Resources Aluminum Coal
Connected Resources Cattle Fish Iron Lead Lumber Oil Silver Spices Uranium Water

History Edit


Cerebrus was originally formed as a police state under control of the military. On April 29, 2007 a group of rebels joined together to overthrow the government. After losing many lives in the ensuing battles the rebels were able to take control of the capital Athlon. Shortly after that the new government of Cerebrus was formed and promised freedom to people all across the land.


Cerebrus with its new government joined in an alliance called Confederation of Organized Nations. The main reason for joining this alliance was said to be because of the stability offered for the nation as well as protection from enemies that the newly reformed nation would encounter!

The Unjust War

The stance of Cerebrus in this new war is still on the table. Cerebrus will do and follow the order given to her by the Confederation of Organized Nations. As of right now we remain neutral!

The Fall Of Cerebrus

On November 19, 2007 the nation of Cerebrus was overran by Radical nationalist's who took total control over the government. The result was disastrous! The radical's attacked other nations within CON. While doing big damage to some nations in the end Cerebrus was defeated by the amount of force used from within CON. However the current president of Cerebrus "Peppers30" escaped all the anarchy and bombs and took up in another unknown country.