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Chancellor St Cloud (CstC) is a small country in the Central Asian region which simply seeks to reach a nearby river. Once it does so, there will be celebrations, but pundits are unsure of the next goal of this feisty and ambitious nation. Many predict that it will simply seek the next river, but others have noted it's increasingly bizarre actions regarding war and troop deployment. Rumours abound that the CStC has been infiltrated by communist spys seeking to deply troops against a false threat. Others have noted that CStC actions occur in cycles, which may either correspond with sun spots or alien sightings. Evidence is thin for both these points of view and the GPA has been cautious in commenting.

Reeewind Edit

Bo selecta! Following reports that CstC had caused friction within the ruling elite of the GPA it is now rumoured that this is complete bollocks. It seems this was spread by CstC himself to aid his introduction into the Security Council of the GPA. Who knows what he will do next? It is also interesting to note that no posts can be found fro chancellor st cloud in the GPA forums. How strange

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