The Coalition of the Willing is a pact between nations. This is not a game, only a pact between members of the fromer UCN alliance, united under one main aim.

Apparent Goals and ActivitiesEdit

The Coalition of the Willing is a group of four nations that have made a pact with each other. All the pact members openly belong to other alliances at the same time as being members of a Non Aggression Pact and Cooperation agreement. The Coalitions aim for the following goals:

  • The eradication of the tyrannical nation of Adaland.
  • The protection and defense of pact no matter who the enemy, unless that member attacks a pact members respective alliance.
  • The end of Adash sponsored tyranny. Achieved

The pact has existed since February 17, 2007. The Coalitions first known action was to destroy the nation of Burnination. Their second action, currently ongoing following Adalands recreation, is the destruction of the nation of Adaland.


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