Cata Arm For

The Coat of Arms of the Freestate of Cataduanes was adopted in the late 60's. The triangular shape in the center has a double symbolism evoking the iconic San Vicente Volcano at the center of the island nation and as a symbol of the nation as a whole with the three points representing the Cataduaño/Mahabeño, Spanish and Cantonese communities. The 3 Gold Stars also have a dual symbolism, they represent the Workers, Intelligentsia and the Armed Forces on one hand while they also symbolize the three historical epochs of Cataduanes; Pre-hispanic, Colonialism and independence (as they do on the national flag of the Cataduanes Freestate). The stylized letter at the center of the triangle represents the letter 'K' in the nations pre-colonial native alphabet which is in remembrance to the 'katipunan' rebels who initiated the revolt against Spansih colonial rule. The motto reads Bayan Ko which means my country.

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