Tepasi is a Nation in Cybernations. The name was picked after the Star Wars planet of Tepasi. Tepasi is home to Star Wars Tagge Royal Family. Hence the name is choosen and the nation founded. The nation is peaceful and strives for the betterment of mankind. Commander Cody was the first Head of Foreign Affairs in The Legion. Commander Cody left the Legion and for awhile was apart of a start up alliance called the UCIN. Quickly realizing that this start up alliance was no good, Cody moved onto GATO. Shortly after joining GATO, the GARO incident broke out and Cody joined the GGA. Following this GGA broke apart into 2 alliances and Cody sided with the CDS becoming a founding member and while at CDS held the positions of Head of Trade and Finances, as well as Head of the High Council. (The Highest possible electedable position in the alliance) Tepasi left and became a member of the NPO. Following that the nation was apart of the CIS. Following that the exact history is unknown due to a vast number of unrecorded events happening, including the formation of the a 15 man alliance, infamously known as the Confederate Unified States, that was created from scratch. The CUS had an MDP with the AU (African Union). Tepasi also had membership in other alliances as time progressed. Currently the nation of Tepasi is not in an alliance.
Tepasi Info
Nation's Flag:Germany
Ruler: Commander Cody
Alliances Apart of: Not in an alliance
Natural Resources: Gold and Cattle
Foundation Date: 2/14/2006 10:46:56 PM

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