Communist Party
of J Andres
Dove hammer shadow
FoundedNovember 1984
DissolvedJanuary 2105
Party FounderLeo Bernstein
Official colors      Red

The Merctonian EraEdit

The Communist Party was formed in 1984. They believed that the wealth should be shared equally among everyone. At this point, the major corporations weren't as economically strong and this made people not seem to notice the communists. They also aruged that although the Anchor Party and the Nationalist Party were different, they preached practically the same ideals. The Communist decided to change that.

On the first day of 1984, Party Chairman Leo Bernstein unveiled their plans for the future of J Andres. The "Bernstein Doctrine" called for the government control of all of the major corporations especially those that dealt with the natural resources of the nation. These corporations would be under government control and the profits would be used to pay any government bills. If there was any remaining profit, this would actually be divided up among the citizens and paid out. The Bernstein Doctrine was a revolutionary idea and brought many of the lower class citizens under the communist banner, but not enough to truly threaten the hold of the other parties.

1986 Red RevoltEdit

In 1986, Communist Party leaders managed to organize a small army and force the commune to make J Andres a communist nation. The senators feared for their lives and agreed. The goal of the red revolt was to install a communist leader as President. This was successful and the Communist Party controled the Presidency for one and a half years before being voted out of office. The Communist Party then faded from power.

1993 ReformationEdit

In 1993, Adrik Annan the Foreign Affairs Minister, pushed the communist part to reform their ideas to fit the mold of J Andres. Annan was named the Chairman of the Party and he worked on devising the "Annan Doctrine", similiar to the "Bernstein Doctrine" but less imposing but equally socialist in nature.

Adrik AnnanEdit

When Ben Richards announced that he would not seek re-election in the 1998, Adrik Annan instantly became a front-runner. Annan had been responsible for most of the globalization of J Andres under Ben Richards and as the essential voice of the Communist Party, he became a natural selection. As was Annan's way, he promised more socialization of processes with all of the current freedoms enjoyed.


After great success in the early years of J Andres, the Communist party began to decline after the conclusion of the Grand Mexican War, which saw the introduction and meteoric rise of the Labor party. The Communist party eventually dissolved after the 2104 elections.