Costa Ricky is an extremely cool nation under the leadership of the awesome/exalted/1337 El Papi. It is a beautiful nation located on the Heard Island & McDonald Islands, situated in the Indian Ocean north of Antarctica. I realize how unhelpful that last comment was, since EVERYTHING on the planet is located north of that continent. The Costa Ricky government is so cool that it plans to extend its national border to the French Southern & Antarctic Lands.

It is unfortunate that recently a couple of war-mongering nations decided to attack the lovely country of Costa Ricky, sending the poor people of the nation into everlasting chaos (three days...). This attack was completely unprovoked and the helpless victims suffered a continued onslaught; both nations of pure evil dealt their wrath to Costa Ricky's citizens in the form of bombing runs, groung battles, cruise missile attacks, a-bombs, h-bombs, bio-bombs, EMC pulse bombs, satellite-mounted death rays, and the deployment of 300 spartans; which wasn't really smart because swords and arrows aren't nearly as effective as guns. Even through all this hail fire, the small and prideful nation of Costa Ricky endured the beating, and managed to inflict small yet effective amounts of damage to the sedes of all evil. Today Costa Ricky fights brvely, outnumbered, overpowered, and outfinanced.

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