The official ruling body of Zandara is known as the Council of Six, due to its membership number. Despite increasing numbers of Tier-Two members, the government has never seen a need to increase membership on the Council. It consists of:

  • ShadowShop, Grand Administrator
  • Communist, Minister of War
  • Shlonk, Minister of the Interior
  • Buckshot, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • RogueAlly, Minister of Trade
  • Aziz, Minister of Infrastructure

The President presides over the council meetings and dictates the day-to-day national policy, but has no other say in the meetings. Urgent and important decisions are forwarded to the Council, and announcements of the verdict to the masses are made by the President.

Government Levels Edit

The way the government in Zandara is run is an odd form, riding dangerously close to dictatorship but still managing to remain somewhat democratic. At the bottom are Tier-Three administrators, largely unnoticed, who handle the day-to-day running of the government. Zandara's Minister of War, Communist, is still a Tier-Three in name, but in name alone.

The next level is Tier-Two administration. These are more powerful administrative members, and at the time of first writing there are only eleven, five of whom sit on the Council of Six, the upper ruling body of Zandara.

At the top is Tier-One, of which only Mencken has claim to the rank. He can override any decision made on the lower levels, usually without any opposition. The reason he was given this amount of power is because he more or less created the damn place, and other people are there of his will.

The other primary government position is the President, who doesn't fit into any of the three tiers. The President runs the nation day-to-day on the advice of the Tier-Threes, and is for all effects and purposes the leader of Zandara. However, he holds no position on the Council of Six other than acting as a sort of referee, and answers to the Grand Administrator.

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