Iconic image of the rubble in Cranston after the battle in 1983
Nation J Andres
Location Cranston, Rhode Island
Area 30 square miles
Population 80,000

Cranston is a city of J Andres that is best remembered for a early battle that took place there. The Battle of Cranston was part of the War of the Monkeys a war in which J Andres helped to defend North Atlantic Defense Coalition member who had been attacked. Soon, Monkeymanisland, retaliated and attacked the city of Cranston. Over $100,000 dollars of damage was done to the city and it was demolished practically to the ground.

In Late 1983, Cranston became began to house many businesses that found Providence not to their liking. Mainly Cranston speciallizes in services and is home to the largest insurance company in the nation, MKY Insurance.