Crownovia is a great nation located in Sweden and Norway. The population is Dutch and are very smart. Crownovia is in a mini America. It has all types of Races and Religions. The most types of races and religions are

-69%white -30%black -1%other

Top Religions -Christianity -Judism -Islam -Toaism -Wicca,Crownovia was formed in 1997 my lord von Dutch with leads their Democratic region. Crownovia has a strong military force, And has allies all around the world. Crownovia greets all nations with a wellcome hand, Crownovia will attack anyone in its borders, Crownovia has over 6million people it has 4 major cities. Dayton,2million Miamisburg,69,000 Markinburg 43,000 New Amsterdam 2,000. All other citizens live in the forest in small towns. Crownovia has many animals and forest. Crownovia has the largest ethnic,gay, communities in the world, All people are welcom to join are growing nation.

[1] Here is the Crownovia Immagration control where you become a citizen [2]

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