Eras are a simple way of classifying non-nation articles into the relative times that the events described in them occur in CyberNations history. For alliance-specific eras, nation pages may also be classified as eras.

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Below is a list of eras that one may encounter.

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New Pacific Order Eras

The following eras are used by the New Pacific Order and are not necessarily representative of other alliances or Cyber Nations as a whole. Notable Events includes only things that were relevant to the NPO at that time.

New Pacific Order (January 27, 2006 - Present)

These pages relate to the New Pacific Order in general, and do not have specific ages or eras to go with them.

New Pacific Order Nation States

These pages relate in some way to Nation States and the New Pacific Order there. During the August Revolution in 2003, an incarnation of the Order was established by Francos Spain, later players of NS later migrating to CN to establish a new Order.

Golden Era (January 27 - July 9, 2006)

This era takes place from the founding of the New Pacific Order right up to the Warpstorm War. It has been named the Golden Era as it was a time of great growth for the Order, up to the end of the Warpstorm War when the world as a whole ceased to stand with the NPO as they once had.

Notable Events

Cold War Era (July 10, 2006 - February 4, 2007)

This era takes place following the end of the Warpstorm War in July. Later that month (July 15) a chain of events set off the Great Patriotic War (or Great War I). The war lasted for about two weeks before a peace deal was reached. Following this, both sides, one led by the New Pacific Order and the other by LUEnited Nations, formed blocs, being the World Unity Treaty and League respectively. Following this there lasted a "cold war" period before Great War II was declared over the issue of the alliance of Fark, which ended with the surrender and end of the League.

Notable Events

Era of World Unity (February 5 - August 10, 2007)

This era takes place following the end of Great War II. With the League having surrendered, the World Unity Treaty became the most powerful bloc in the history of CN. Peace did not last long however, as Great War III broke out between WUT and Aegis, a war coalition consisting of former League alliances and their allies. The war ended with the defeat of Aegis and several of those alliances disbanding, making WUT the undisputed power. Following this, a number of wars occurred, notable among them was the FAN-WUT War, which began on June 18 and was set to continue for many months ahead, making it one of the longest wars. It was also in this time, that the Holy War of Farkistan ended. Then on August 10, the Unjust Path treaty bloc was announced, with several WUT alliances in it.

Notable Events

Era of Disorder (August 11 - December 7, 2007)

This era takes place following the formation of the Unjust Path. Rifts began to develop among the signatories of the World Unity Treaty, threatening its existence. The Order attempted to balance all of its commitments but to no avail, as on September 9 the Unjust War began. The war was tricky for the Order, as allies and former allies fought on both sides. Following the end of the war - which resulted in the end of the World Unity Treaty - a new bloc was formed, One Vision, between NPO, NpO, IRON and GGA. Then on December 7 another new bloc was formed, larger than WUT and the most powerful in history, the Continuum.

Notable Events

Era of Peace and Breakdown (December 8, 2007 - June 22, 2008)

This era takes place following the formation of the Continuum. On December 17 the NPO and One Vision allies redeclared on FAN, sparking the FAN-1V War, which would last for over a year. Following this a number of wars occurred between January and June involving the Order and its allies for various reasons. These include the GATO-1V War. Then on June 22, the New Polar Order was ejected from One Vision following a vote of the three other signatories, signalling a relative end of peace since the last global war.

Notable Events

Era of Re-Alignment (June 23, 2008 - April 21, 2009)

This era takes place following the ejection of the NpO from One Vision, and the subsequent acceptance of MCXA and Echelon into the bloc. Sides for the next large war began to align which ultimately culminated in the War of the Coalition. The war also saw the creation of Vox Populi which went on to target members of the Continuum in a protracted propaganda campaign in an attempt to split the bloc. At the end of the War of the Coalition the Continuum still reigned supreme but the power base began to crack as an Anti-Order/Anti-Hegemony movement gathered steam. The climax of this time was the formation of Karma and the beginning of the War of Armageddon (or Karma War), one that would result in a decisive shift in power.

Notable Events

Era of Armageddon (April 22, 2009 - May 20, 2010)

The War of Armageddon which began on April 21 over allegations of the alliance of Ordo Verde rapidly turned into a much bigger war as the Order and then other allies faced off multiple alliances, brought into the fray through treaty commitments. The war lasted for three months, with it finally coming to an end in July as the NPO signed the surrender document. The Karma War had shattered the side known as the Hegemony, bringing an end to the power blocs of One Vision and the Continuum. Later, Emperor Moo stepped down and appointed Cortath in his place. On May 20, 2010, the Order completed its reparations and was released from its surrender terms, signalling a new beginning. After that time, the Order grew in strength including reaching over 5000 nuclear weapons held.

Notable Events

The Lost Era (May 20 - November 25, 2010)

On May 20, with the completion of the Karma War surrender terms, Emperor Cortath declared the interregnum ended. During this time period, the Order experienced explosive growth and recovery from the Karma War. On July 31, the Council Pacifica was abolished and Internal Affairs Operations was created. Also in July, the Red Safari occurred, in which several tech raiding alliances attempted to goad the Order into war by attacking unaligned Red nations which NPO protects via the Revenge Doctrine. Shortly after this, NPO canceled its PIAT with GATO due to events surrounding the Six Million Dollar War.

Notable Events

Era of Isolation (November 25, 2010 - June 2, 2011)

During the Era of Isolation, the enmity between NPO and MK further expanded on November 25, when NPO expelled MK diplomats from the Order's forums and forcibly closed their embassy. These events further isolated NPO in the treaty web and contributed to the direct declaration of war on the New Pacific Order by Mushroom Kingdom, GOONS, Umbrella, Federation of Armed Nations and later Nordreich. This war occurred in concurrence with the large PB-NpO War and quickly grew to a global scale. It was during this time that Cortath stepped down as Emperor and was succeeded by Mary the Fantabulous. NPO's coalition capitulated on May 2 and the DH-NPO War came to an end after the completion of limited war on May 29, 2011.

Notable Events

Era of Redemption (June 2, 2011 - February 4, 2012)

The Era of Redemption began after the four-month-long Doom House (DH-NPO) War ended. Pacifica's international relations were shaken up after the stagnant period in the realm of foreign affairs during the Era of Isolation. The TLR and GATO treaties realigned the New Pacific Order towards the CnG sphere. Additionally, the Order upgraded and expanded relations with TIO from an ODP to an MDoAP. Unfortunately not all relationships can survive and prosper. It was in best interest of the Order to drop its treaty with The Legion and to downgrade Invicta to an ODoAP.

Internally, Pacifica begin a period of department consolidation. The Pacific Bank and the Technology (Tech) Corps were merged into the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA). Furthermore, Media Affairs and all subsidiary departments were merged into Internal Affairs. These measures were done to create a more effective work environments needing less people to maintain with a greater level of synergies in between.

In November of 2011, the Grudge War erupted. The New Pacific Order declared its formal support for Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) & The Order of the Paradox (TOP) to help assist and protect its allies Vahalla and Olympus, even though the NPO did not engage any targets. However, these actions had consequences. Shortly thereafter, the Federation of Armed Nations (FAN) & Farkistan (Fark) declared war on the Order as a pre-emptive strike. This began the Fark (Fark-NPO) War, a subconflict of the global war. From this point forward, the war expanded quickly with NPO's allies eager to help defend Pacifica. In December, the New Pacific Order made its first offensive DoW since the Karma (Armageddon) War in 2009, and declared war on Sparta in defense of Olympus. The war continued to rage until January 23, 2012. In the end, it was a glorious day for Pacifica and her allies, as the war ended in the first NPO victory in almost three years.

Notable Events

Era of Boldness
Era of Boldness (February 4, 2012 - March 27, 2013)

On February 4, 2012, shortly after the Fark (Fark-NPO) War, Brehon succeeded Mary the Fantabulous to become the sixth Emperor of the New Pacific Order. Brehon's ascension into power marks the beginning of the Era of Boldness. Following the coronation, Emperor Brehon chose Bakamitai to become the Imperial Regent. Additionally Brehon reinstituted the position of Counselor and appointed Imperator Emeritus Mary the Fantabulous. Furthermore, on February 11, Bakamitai was again honored, this time with the distinction and title of Hero of the Order for aiding and protecting Pacifica above and beyond the call of duty for any member. Bakamitai deserved the title for his work in sustaining the NPO's forum network from multiple threats and working rapidly to ensure and prevent all disasters from occurring.

The Era of Boldness marks the beginning of the return of Pacifican development on Planet Bob. Internally, this era is represented by the growth in reach and power of Military Affairs and its expansion into all aspects of Pacifican internal life creating significant changes in the Order's internal department structure and leadership positions. However these reforms were not realized throughout the reign of Emperor Brehon and it led to a period of decreased internal performance. Externally, Brehon's reign saw a new direct and "in your face" approach to diplomacy. Continuing the great work from Mary, the Order expanded on its diplomatic efforts and its dedication and support of her allies with a willingness to forgive past grievances of previous foes. Several treaties were signed in rapid progression. First an oDoAP with Oceania (OCN) on February 5. Then an upgrade with The Last Remnants (TLR) from an ODP to an MDoAP on March 3. Finally an upgrade with the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (GATO) from a PIAT to an oDoAP on April 23. However, not all relationships could stand the test of time. On May 2, Pacifica announced it would be withdrawing from the Red Dawn accord. Even without Red Dawn, the Order continued to support all mutually decided upon Red Team Senators. Furthermore, even with the loss of one treaty the New Pacific Order continued to make new inroads around the globe signing, on May 4, an oDoAP with Non Grata (NG), and a MDoAP with the Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON). The summer months brought the Order new and upgraded relations with signing the following treaties: a MnDoAP with OCN, a MDoAP with Anarchy Inc (AI), a MDoAP with GATO, and a PIAT with TORN.

Boldness and a drive for dominance marked all aspects of Pacifica's dealings in the world. On June 13, 2013, Emperor Brehon made the bold statement expressing the Order's anger and concern over the Mushroom Kingdom's (MK) recent actions and conflicts and reaffirmed the intent of Pacifica to defend her allies. In defense of her allies, the New Pacific Order, on June 25, declared war on the Global Order of Darkness (GOD) and entered the global conflict which became known throughout the Cyberverse as the Dave War. The Dave War basis laid in the aggression of MK for harboring Dave93 who was accused of spying on the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations (CSN) while a member of The Imperial Order. On June 26, Pacifica was countered by Virdian Entente (VE) in defense of GOD. Pixels collided and the battle raged until the Order attained peace with VE on July 13 and GOD on August 3. The Dave War ended with a crushing defeat of the enemies of Pacifica and her allies.

After the Dave War, Brehon continued to pursue a bold policy among the Cyberverse alliances. This culminated in the Equilibrium (EQ) War on January 18, 2013. The EQ War represented a coalition of alliances (AI, IRON, NPO, NATO, and TIO) declaring war on Umbrella in response to Umbrella's repeated violations against AI. The war hastily expanded and lasted for over three months. In conclusion, on March 27, Umbrella surrendered with Pacifica and her allies being victorious once again. However, the post war world would be difficult for the Order to navigate. The New Pacific Order had allies on both sides of the EQ conflict and it was the NPO desire to maintain good relationships with each and every one of them. This coupled with problems occurring at the coalition leadership level during the war would breed resentment. These factors would result in dire consequences and shifts in international relations for Pacifica in the coming days.

Notable Events

Era of Upheaval
Era of Upheaval (March 27, 2013 - February 11, 2014)

Within a month after the New Pacific Order's victory in the Equilibrium (EQ) War, Brehon abdicated from his role as Emperor and passed the torch to Farrin who became the seventh Emperor of the Order on April 23, 2013. After ascending to the throne, Farrin chose Red to take up the mantle and become Regent. In the months which followed the war, Pacifica continued to flourish and develop. Thanks to the Order's economic machine, the alliance continued to achieve new levels of greatness such as surpassing 10 Million Nation Strength (NS) and passed one million technological units for the first time since before the Karma (Armageddon) War.

Diplomatically, several changes occurred from the aftermath of the Equilibrium (EQ) War. Pacifica upgraded her treaty with the New Sith Order, to a MnDoAP. Additionally, the New Pacific Order and the Orange Defense Network (ODN) pursued greater relations spurred on by their common allies of GATO and TLR via the CnG treaty. Despite years of tensions and the hostile history between the two alliances, a new era of peace and cooperation became reality with the signing of an MnDoAP with ODN in April of 2013.

However, not all changes in the aftermath of the EQ war were positive for the Order. Several major events took place in the Cyberverse. It was the decision of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations to forge a new path and they ended their long standing relation with the New Pacific Order. Correspondingly, several alliances began making movements against Pacifica and her allies due to the rumor that several of the Order's allies (Non-Grata [NG] & New Sith Order [NSO]) were planning an attack on the New Polar Order. The rumor turned out to be false and nothing notable came about regarding an attack on Polaris. However, Polar did not take this idle threat lightly and the whole of Planet Bob took notice at the signing of the NpO-TOP MDoAP.

Seven months after the end of the Equilibrium War, on October 31, 2013, a new coalition consisting of Fark, NpO and TOP formed. Their goal was simple, the destruction of NSO citing the rumors that NSO was trying to attack Polaris first in the past. Pacifica responded in defense of her allies and made a formal declaration of war against TOP on November 2, 2013. The response from the enemy partnership came in the form of nine alliances attacking Pacifica and plunging the whole of Planet Bob into war. One of the nine was the New Polar Order, which was the first time either alliance had officially attacked the other. The war lasted until February 11, 2014 when the New Pacific Order admitted defeat and surrendered to the coalition with terms dictating that the Order's largest nations, including Banking nations, who did not fight in the war, are unable send or receive aid for 100 days, slowing down the rebuilding effort. Furthermore, the surrender terms included a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) lasting 9 months between Pacifica and her attackers (New Polar Order, The Order of Paradox, Sparta, Mi6, GOONS, Valhalla, Invicta, The Legion, and Christian Coalition of Countries).

Notable Events