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This alliance has disbanded.

Introduction Edit

CAADF stands for Cybernations Anti Aggression Defense Forces. It is an alliance which accepts both individual nations ("member nations"), and alliances ("member alliances"), both collectively referred to as a "member entity". It's principles are to resist acts of aggression and provide defensive military training and aid to it's member alliances.

Becoming a Member Edit

Becoming a member entity is easy, for both alliances and nations.

Becoming a Member Alliance Edit

A representative must only register on the CAADF forums and PM one of the CAADF generals, asking for a command within CAADF, which the general will bring to the attention of the other generals, making a decision based on the history of the alliance and the attitude of it's current leadership.

Becoming a Member Nation Edit

A nation must only read and review the CAADF charter and post their pledge to join the CAADF in this thread. Then, the moderator of the CAADF-COM generals group will choose to either accept or reject you.

Current Memberships and Leadership Edit

Member Nations Edit


Forum Users Edit


Generals Edit


Member Alliances Edit

Important Links Edit

CAADF forums

CAADF charter

CAADF generals list

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