Cybernations Quarterly
Cybernations Quarterly
Type Alliance Newsletter
Format Web Publication
Copy Editor Letum
Founded April 7, 2006
Alliance New Pacific Order
Circulation 2006 - Present

Cybernations Quarterly (CNQ) is a video news service run by Sir Paul. Under the slogan "Once a Week, Every Day", a broadcast is currently produced every fortnight.

Staff Edit

CNQ is produced mainly by Sir Paul, who came up with, and founded, CNQ is the driving force behind the operation. Soigacas and Koona also help with the production of issues. theblitz, The Bear Republic, Haddenham and Moo-cows have all written for CNQ.

History Edit

Issue One was aired on April 7, 2006. It was just over four minutes long and was received well in the Cyberverse. Issue 4, released on May 6, ran to over 10 minutes.

Sponsorship Edit

Since Issue Two, CNQ has auctioned off advertising space with in the programme. The ad space for Issue Four was sold to the New Pacific Order for $200,000, a then-record. However, GATO smashed this with a $285,000 bid for the ad space in Issue 5.

Merger Into The Pacific News Network Family Edit

Sir Paul has gone on the record to clarify that CNQ had become part of the Pacific News Network Family, "CNQ joined PNN over a year ago. Also, CNQ =/= Tabloid Tribune." [1]

Recommended Viewing Edit

Print Editions Edit

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